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League of Legends Wild Rift Yordle Expedition event: everything we know

Published: 8/Jan/2021 16:01

by Lauren Bergin


League of Legends’ adorable little Yordles are some of Riot Games’ most ingenious creations. The tiny characters have become so popular that they’ve got their own event in Wild Rift, the Yordle Expedtion!

Despite being small, the Yordle race has a mighty presence in Riot Games’ flagship MOBA, League of Legends. Tiny little animal style creatures that are both adorable and deadly, the champions have become some of the game’s most iconic characters.

While Wild Rift patch 2.0 announced that the beloved characters would be arriving on the Rift on January 6, there were only vague mentions of the Yordle Expedition Event that accompanies them.


So here’s everything we know about the Yordle party that will be kickstarting Wild Rift’s inaugural season.

League of LegendsTeemo may be adorable, but the little scout is a nightmare to play against.

What is the Yordle Expedition?

The Yordle Expedition promises to be an event quite unlike any other, and despite their small stature the tiny champions are going to be starting the party in style!

In their PR release, Riot note that “Riot Games is thrilled to announce that League of Legends: Wild Rift is bringing you the Yordle Expedition. The game’s most ambitious event so far will run through January 2021 and it allows you to explore Runeterra through its littlest champions, featuring Teemo, Lulu, Corki, Tristana, and Kennen.”


You’ll follow a trail for each respective Yordle, with the ability to explore the land of Runeterra as a server or on your own. As you progress along the Yordle Progress Map, you’ll unlock 3 new daily tasks each day that reward 20 Steps + 90 Blue Motes per task.

Speaking of Runterra, as you progress through the different Regions of the iconic map you’ll receive Region Quests that will net you 25 Poro Coins and 100 “Steps.” These Steps are critical to your journey, as they’ll net you even more rewards!

Step Rewards

Below we’ve got an extensive list of each reward for a certain amount of steps:

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  • 400 steps = Emote
  • 700 steps = Blue Motes
  • 1000 steps = 25 Poro Coins
  • 1300 steps = Bauble
  • 1600 = Yordle Expedition Champion Selection Chest
  • 1850 = Yordle Expedition Pose Selection Chest
  • 2000 = Icon Border

So make sure that you jump onto Runterra from January 9 to January 29, otherwise you’ll miss out on some crazy adventures!

Will you be planting Noxious Traps with Teemo, or Rocket Jumping with Tristana? We’re certainly excited to see what action this event brings.