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League of Legends

League of Legends runes system broken after patch 10.3

Published: 5/Feb/2020 12:51

by Joe O'Brien


League of Legends players are reporting that the latest update, patch 10.3, has broken the game’s rune system.

Runes are incredibly important to how effective each champion is, enhancing their abilities and statistics to optimize their performance in whatever areas the player wishes to excel in.

On February 5, Riot released the 10.3 update, which brought with it a variety of champion changes, including nerfs to some of the most powerful picks like Aphelios, Sett, Senna, and Akali. Unfortunately, it seems to have also introduced a bug that is resetting players’ choice of runes.

Riot Games
Runes enhance champions’ abilities and stats, helping them optimize for particular play styles and roles.

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Instead of the runes that they’ve selected, players are reporting that when they actually get into the game they’re being given a completely different set, which seemingly varies depending on which champion they’ve chosen.


Meanwhile, some players are also reporting that they can’t save new sets of runes, with the issues apparently affecting the entire rune system, and not only occurring once in a match.

The problem has been reported on multiple servers around the world, with Team Liquid pro Yilliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng among those experiencing the issue.

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Given how important runes can be to a champion’s success, this issue could have major consequences for those affected, especially if the player intended to use a strategy or play a role that is significantly different to whatever the default runes they get assigned are.


It’s not currently clear whether this issue has been fully addressed, but until Riot confirm that it has been fixed players may want to avoid ranked play at least, as there doesn’t appear to be any loss prevention in place. As a result, losses that come from incorrect runes may affect your rank like any regular game.

Given the severity of the bug, players will undoubtedly be hoping that Riot Games are able to fix it quickly.