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League of Legends player goes viral for trash talking in Morse code

Published: 2/Oct/2021 19:25

by Lawrence Scotti


A League of Legends player went viral for talking trash against opponents in a unique way never seen before. 

Curbing toxicity in LoL has been one of Riot Games’ biggest focal points throughout the last few years. The game has had player behavioral problems in the past, and those involved have done their hardest to try to avoid punishment for talking smack.

One LoL player has developed a new way of trash talking in in-game chat without any repercussions.

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LoL unique trash talk

Former LoL pro-player and Twitch streamer Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont was streaming some solo queue matches that pros were playing in during the lead-up to Worlds 2021.


He noticed something strange in the match. The jungler for the blue-sided team, who was playing Kindred, was named “I Flame In Morse”, and typed a Morse code message in-game chat. Caedrel saw it and said, “Dash, dash, dot, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot… What did he say?! Someone translate. He flamed in Morse. Come on, what did he say?!”

The streamer looked up a Morse code translator and found out the player typed “GG ES” to the other team.

Learning Morse code specifically to talk trash to your opponents is a legendary tactic, and certainly one that deserves some respect. It’s also a good workaround for Riot’s detection system, so it is unlikely the player could get banned if they continue to type to opponents.


With LoL Worlds 2021 just days away, the pros may be looking for every angle they can to edge out their opponents, including learning Morse code to smack talk them.