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League of Legends makes Tyler1 the ‘face’ of League after his mid-lane challenge

Published: 24/Sep/2021 13:44

by Alex Garton


After finally completing his mid-lane challenge in League of Legends, Tyler1 was officially made the face of the LoL Twitter account.

After reaching the Challenger rank as an ADC, top-laner, and jungler, Tyler1 set his sights on reaching the highest tier as a mid-laner.

Although he’d succeeded with all the other roles in the past, a lot of his viewers were convinced that this challenge would be his downfall.

However, after two months, 669 games, and a 57% win rate overall, Tyler managed to achieve the Challenger milestone on September 23 and immediately laid out a set of demands for Riot.

Arguing that he was now the face of League, the streamer demanded Riot change their Twitch profile picture to him for a day.


Tyler1 League of Legends
Twitch: Tyler1
Tyler1 had a 57% win rate in mid-lane on his way to Challenger.

League of Legends pay tribute to Tyler1 on Twitter

Instead of meeting Tyler’s demands exactly and changing their Twitch profile picture, Riot decided to make the tribute on their Twitter account.

Posting an edited picture of Tyler as Tibbers with Annie, the streamer officially became the face of League and will stay there for an entire day.

The comments are flooded with fans congratulating Tyler on his achievement and excited to see him start his final challenge in the Support position.

After a viewer brought the news to his attention on stream, Tyler even reacted to Riot’s Twitter tribute and was clearly pleased his demands had been met.


He took the time to outline that he was now the undisputed and official face of League of Legends.

“I am officially, literally, figuratively, grammatically, lyrically, the face of League of Legends, undisputably, unarguably”.

Support is the only position left for Tyler after his mid-lane achievement, and fans are desperate for him to start the next challenge.

However, the ADC main has already confirmed on stream that he won’t be starting the final Challenger run until next season in 2022.

So, for now, Tyler can enjoy his time as the face of League and Riot can expect even higher demands when he finally reaches the top rank in Support.