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League of Legends bug lets Draven attack from ridiculous distance

Published: 29/Jan/2020 16:15

by Joe O'Brien


A League of Legends bug appears to massively increase the range on Draven’s auto-attacks.

Many players will likely have seen highlight clips of new champion Aphelios pulling off kills from incredible ranges, but a bug now appears to give the same long-distance lethality to Draven.

Reddit user Suklaamix captured a moment in which Draven, after making his way into the mid-lane to help clean up a fight, is able to eliminate the enemy Yuumi with auto-attacks from incredibly far away.

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After the Senna that Yuumi was attached to dies, the Yuumi player attempts to flee down the lane towards the safety of their tower, only for Draven to walk up and eliminate them in a mere three hits despite seemingly being too far away.


If Draven had Aphelios auto range from r/leagueoflegends

Draven is one of the hardest-hitting champions in the game when he’s at his strongest, which is typically counter-balanced by a relatively low attack speed compared to many marksmen, and typically a reliance on being closer to his enemies than those with greater range like Caitlyn and Senna.

The clip demonstrates just how deadly Draven could be with a much-increased range, as being able to attack from so far away would not only make him much safer, but also make it much easier to catch his axes without walking into danger.

Riot Games
Draven’s attacks can deal enormous damage.

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Fortunately, it seems this bug might not be quite as game-breaking as it appears on the surface. Some players have suggested that it is actually just a visual bug on the side of the player recording, and that Yuumi should in fact be shown much closer to Draven. The glitch may just be making it seem like Yuumi is too far away, rather than actually increasing the range of Draven’s attacks.


Even for Aphelios himself, it seems Riot are looking to tune down his range, with patch 10.3 set to reduce the range on his Calibrum marks from unlimited to 2000 units, in an effort to reduce the instances of frustrating deaths where the player being attacked feels helpless to counter.