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League leaks reveal “jawdropping” Samira abilities & possible release date

Published: 4/Aug/2020 6:49

by Isaac McIntyre


The 151st League of Legends champion, rumored to be a Noxian marksman called Samira, may be set for a release date as early as next month; new insider leaks have revealed both her potential patch release, and her abilities.

Last week, whispers of a new champion on the horizon began to take the League of Legends community by storm. First, a new easter egg was discovered on Patch 10.16, while mentions of a mysterious character called “Samira” was found in the latest PBE update.

These leaks and rumors, coupled with Riot’s June update that teased a new AD carry coming in Season 10, seem to point to one thing; League’s 151st champion will be joining the roster a little sooner than anyone expected.


We now have a good idea what the possible ADC might look like too, thanks to new insider leaks from the same Brazilian source, Streamie, who leaked Yone’s possible arrival nearly a month before his official debut.

Samira will allegedly look similar to Miss Fortune’s ‘Cowgirl’ skin. She will have holsters on her legs, and was described as “basically a female Rambo, but hot.”

New League of Legends champion Samira was described as
Screenshot: Streamie, via Riot Games
New League champ Samira was described as “basically a female Rambo, but hot.”

Samira’s “jawdropping” abilities leaked

According to the content creator, Samira has abilities quite similar to four other champions already in LoL. Her “jawdropping” kit will take inspiration from Katarina’s ultimate, Irelia’s W, Urgot’s W, and Nunu & Willump’s ult, Streamie said.


The League leaks suggest Samira will wield an ultimate that lets her “spin and shoot bullets from her machine gun, as well as throw multiple daggers”. Her ult ability will be capped by a “style meter,” which is affected by how many champions she is hitting at any one time.

Samira will allegedly have an ability similar to Katarina's
Riot Games
Samira will allegedly have an ability similar to Katarina’s “Death Lotus” ultimate.

Samira will work in a similar way to Aphelios, the leaks suggest. There won’t be multiple gun changes required, but she will “alternate between her pistol and dagger” for her moves, while wielding a machine gun for ultimate ability.

These descriptions do line up with Riot’s teaser for Champion 151. The devs said their next ADC would be “dressed to kill,” in their June dev blog. It was also teased the next marksman would “fire a whirlwind of blades and bullets.”


Finally, Streamie seems to believe Samira will be “easy to play,” due to the fact Riot wants her to be a popular character right off the bat. There’s an expectation she will “sell a lot of skins,” and will be “extremely popular” in Season 10.

League of Legends champ 151 will apparently look a little like Miss Fortune's 'Cowgirl' skin.
Riot Games
League of Legends champ 151 will apparently look a little like Miss Fortune’s ‘Cowgirl’ skin.

Possible Samira release date

League fans will, of course, be wondering when they can get their hands on the rumored new Season 10 champion. The good news is, according to the leaks, it could be pretty soon.

Streamie suggested Samira was slotted in for a “two-week” release date. That means the leaked AD carry should be on the PBE by League Patch 10.18. This would be right before the Worlds update, so she’d likely be disabled in competitive play.


Samira could be released in League as soon as LoL Patch 10.18 next month.
Riot Games
Samira could be released in League as soon as LoL Patch 10.18 next month.

Marksman champions, which Samira will likely be, usually play further back in the fight. According to these leaks, however, it sounds like champ 151 could be more of an assassin. It certainly lines up with Riot’s aims to test more hybrids lately, like marksman/healer Senna.

All this is a little down the road, however. Before Samira should arrive, League of Legends will add Yasuo’s resurrected brother Yone. Here’s everything we know about the new Ionian warlord, who will be released next patch.