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New League champion Seraphine set to join K/DA after Worlds release date

Published: 27/Aug/2020 4:46

by Isaac McIntyre


New League of Legends champion Seraphine, who is currently being teased on Twitter and Soundcloud, is set to join Riot’s mega-popular K-pop group K/DA following her Worlds 2020 release date, recent Season 10 leaks have confirmed.

Riot Games seems to have multiple League of Legends plates spinning in the air at the same time right now. On the champion front, they have two new releases on the horizon ⁠— Samira and Seraphine ⁠— ahead of the 2020 World Championship.


On the K/DA front, Riot’s music team is busy building hype for the K-pop quartet’s follow-up single, “The Baddest”. As it turns out, these two big League teasers may actually be related, according to a new leaked K/DA promo image.

Seraphine set to become fifth K/DA star

The image shows all four of the original K/DA members in dark blue and purple outfits. Fans have been quick to point out these are different to the group’s recently teased “The Baddest” costumes, meaning it will be for a third K/DA track.

The most interesting part though, is the fifth member; teased LoL champion Seraphine also appears in the image. She’s sporting blue hair here, and has donned a diamond dress similar to Ahri’s outfit in the “POP/STARS” music video.


The image is a little blurry, and has no defining features on it beyond the five group members and the standard K/DA logo. It does look a lot like the usual Riot Games promo images though.

The Seraphine account, which is still keeping up the act of being an “aspiring songwriter” on Twitter, replied soon after. She acknowledged the photo, but didn’t confirm its legitimacy: “Is that supposed to be me?? Wow!” the account responded.

Seraphine has also been dropping K/DA hints over the past few days too. On August 24, the account shared an image of the upcoming LoL champ holding a board with K/DA song lyrics on them. The board reads, “Can you feel the rush now?”


Seraphine covers K/DA’s ‘POP/STARS’

The character also released a cover of K/DA’s 2018 single “POP/STARS” on Soundcloud just a few days before that. The track, hosted on @seradotwav, is a far more mellow version of the iconic LoL song the K-pop dropped two years ago.

These LoL hints ⁠— and the leaked promo image ⁠— basically confirm K/DA’s original quartet will grow into five in 2020. All that’s left is for Riot Games to officially confirm Seraphine will join the K/DA roster ahead of Worlds 2020.

There’s also the question of who will voice the “musical mage” in her K/DA appearances. The original four popstars are voiced by Madison Beer (Evelynn), Jaira Burns (Kai’Sa) and (G)I-dle duo Miyeon (Ahri) and Soyeon (Akali). Seraphine’s vocalist has not yet been confirmed.


K/DA will release their next single “The Baddest” on Thursday, August 27 at 12pm PT. It’s unlikely Seraphine will be involved in that August release date, but expect her soon. Riot inked a six-song deal with Universal, meaning there’s plenty more on the way.