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LCS Spring 2021 power rankings after Week 6

Published: 18/Mar/2021 8:05 Updated: 18/Mar/2021 8:06

by Andrew Amos


The LCS Spring 2021 playoffs are upon us. The top six have been decided and will face off for the sole spot at MSI. However, how has everyone faired by the split’s end? We’ve got the analysis right here.

In 2021, Dexerto is proud to present power rankings for League of Legends in the LCS. We will be tracking the performance of all the teams right here, considering their form, how they’ve performed with their strength of schedule, and more.

After a disappointing Worlds 2020, NA teams like Golden Guardians and FlyQuest heavily invested in rookie talent. However, the stage fright might be kicking in for some, having to contest big spenders like Cloud9 and TSM.


Who impressed in LCS Spring 2021, and who will need to step up in LCS Summer 2021? We’ve got all the details right here.

10. Golden Guardians (=)

Summer can’t be worse, right?

Ablazeolive playing for Golden Guardians Academy in LCS 2020
Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
Golden Guardians’ development strategy around rookies like Ablazeolive (pictured) is good for NA, but some like Niles have been out of their depth.

We’d say it can only go up from here, but there’s a chance Golden Guardians win less than three games next split. They managed to snag one final victory in Week 6, but there’s very little hope for this squad. Niles and Iconic look out of their depth, and Stixxay just can’t shine. Another split of LCS likely won’t change any of these facts.

There’s one hope on Golden Guardians right now though, and it’s Ablazeolive. The mid laner has made a relatively seamless transition from Academy to LCS. On a better team, there’d be a lot more positivity around him. However, there’s a bunch of pressure on him to perform to try and drag this development squad across the line in Summer to label 2021 a success.


9. FlyQuest (=)

Dreams of Summer success

Dreams playing for Schalke
Riot Games
Dreams may not be the perfect answer for FlyQuest, but he’s better than Diamond.

Finally, I can put my pitchfork down. Dreams was subbed in for Diamond in the final week of LCS ⁠⁠— and FlyQuest looked better for it. Sure, they only won one game (it should have been two if not for their Dignitas throw), but Dreams and Josedeodo linked up perfectly to bring that roaming support style the former Schalke player dominated the LEC with late last year.

Individually, Dreams didn’t stand out. He has to dust off the cobwebs. But if this week showed anything, it’s that FlyQuest’s only hope of success in Summer is if they can build that synergy between Dreams and Johnsun. Unfortunately for Diamond, it means his LCS career might be over.


8. Counter Logic Gaming (=)

Truly Counter Logic…

Pobelter in Team Liquid jersey close up on stage at LCS
Riot Games
Pobelter is slowly getting back to his old self.

Beat Cloud9, then lose to Golden Guardians. You know how the saying goes. If you thought Dignitas was keeping NA League of Legends alive, CLG would have to be right up there too with the amount of fiestas they’ve provided.

It took a little while, but Pobelter is looking ironed on an LCS-level starter (I still believe they gave up on rjs too early). That doesn’t mean there aren’t problems: Smoothie, for one, looks past his expiry date. However, CLG should be in the discussion for playoffs in Summer, and that’s good news for the faithful.


7. Immortals (=)

So close, yet so far

Raes playing for Legacy at Worlds 2020
David Lee for Riot Games
Raes was the big question mark around Immortals. Now that he’s settled in, Summer is looking bright.

One has to wonder whether Immortals could have made playoffs if not for their rough start. Raes believes so when we spoke to him last weekend. However, it makes following this roster even more exciting in Summer, because there’s real upset potential here.

The aforementioned has been slowly making his rise up the bot lane power rankings. Insanity and Revenge are looking solid in the solo lanes, especially given how low expectations were at the start. You can’t beat around the bush: Immortals aren’t going to be world-beaters. However, their roster is competitive, and you can’t rule them out for a Summer surprise.


6. Evil Geniuses (=)

Finding a new gear in playoffs

Jiizuke playing for Evil Geniuses in LCS
Oshin Villa Tudayan for Riot Games
Jiizuke has been the key to Evil Geniuses; both in success and failure.

Evil Geniuses weren’t locked for playoffs at the start of Week 6, but they made a statement in their TSM flogging on Friday. This squad really has what it takes to be NA’s best. Deftly’s renaissance in the LCS has been one of the best storylines this season, and on-form Impact is still NA’s scariest top laner.

However, consistency issues have plagued Evil Geniuses in the best-of-one format. Now, with best-of-fives in playoffs, Evil Geniuses have the chance to silence the doubters. If they find a new gear, they’re a real chance for MSI.

5. 100 Thieves (=)

Making the most of fourth seed

Ryoma played 76 games for 100 Thieves in 2020 before being dropped to their Academy lineup.
Riot Games
Ryoma has returned to 100 Thieves’ LCS line-up, but questions still remain around the decision.

100 Thieves have had a tumultuous end to Spring. After they showed so much promise in the opening, their recent collapse of form has been demoralizing (if expected, as other teams built synergy). Ryoma’s addition hasn’t been bad, but it also hasn’t set the LCS on fire.

The Thieves’ saving grace heading into playoffs is that they have fourth seed in the bag. It gives them a second chance, unlike Evil Geniuses or Dignitas. Will they make the most out of it? Their current form doesn’t really instill much hope. FBI really needs the rest of the squad to step up to help him, else it might end in disaster.

4. Dignitas (-2)

The best-of-five challenge

Aphromoo playing for Dignitas in LCS
Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games
Aphromoo needs to steer the Dignitas rookies to victory in playoffs

Dignitas have been the biggest surprise of LCS Spring 2021. In best-of-ones, barring Week 6, they’ve looked pretty dominant. Now though, the real challenge is here. With a boatload of rookies, Aphromoo is certainly going to be an important factor of keeping Dignitas on the straight and narrow.

If Soligo and FakeGod can find that early season form again, Dignitas are a real contender. A lot has rested on Neo’s shoulders in the last two weeks, so if the load can be shared across a long series, a lower bracket run to the final is still in picture.

3. TSM (=)

TSM’s real test begins

TSM iced their 3–0 weekend with an upset over Liquid on Saturday.
YouTube: TSM
TSM may have plateaued slightly, but they look like a title contender nevertheless.

TSM are in a similar boat to Dignitas, but for slightly different reasons. They started out poorly, had a purple patch, and have plateaued out in recent weeks. Playoffs is what their squad was made for though.

I, for one, am really excited to see what General SwordArt himself can do in this situation. If his run with Suning at Worlds 2020 is anything to go by, TSM fans should get excited. Lost is firing on all cylinders. All they really need to do is unlock PowerofEvil’s potential again, and the narrative will shift from “can TSM win LCS” to “does TSM stand a chance at MSI?”

2. Liquid (+2)

The Liquid we expected after Lock In

Riot Games
Alphari is the front-runner for the LCS MVP prize.

After Team Liquid won LCS Lock In, there were some high expectations on them. Now, at the end of Spring, they’ve finally started meeting them. It’s been a rough season for them, with Tactical especially not quite hitting the same highs as his rookie year.

However, you can never keep this team down for long. Just looking at stats across the board, and Alphari is making a case to be one of the best top laners in the world, not just the LCS. CoreJJ is at his scintillating best again too. The pieces are clicking, and the rest of NA should be on notice: Team Liquid has reconnected, and they’re looking near-on unstoppable.

1. Cloud9 (=)

The pack is closing in…

There is one team, we believe, that can stop Liquid ⁠— and it’s Cloud9. They started Spring on top, and they finished on top. Call it a retirement home, but Perkz has stepped up for this squad when it matters, and we all know what the Croatian genius can do when the pressure is on.

However, are Cloud9 as far ahead as we once thought? Probably not. In playoffs, you can expect a tight race between them, Liquid, and TSM. Fudge is the big wildcard ⁠— the top laner has stepped up in regular season, but playoffs is a different ballgame. If he can walk the walk, Cloud9 are in good stead to try and fix NA’s reputation on the international stage at MSI.

The LCS Spring 2021 playoffs, named the Mid-Season Showdown, kicks off on March 20.