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How Jiizuke went from benchwarmer to LoL’s Italian stallion at LCS Lock In

Published: 29/Jan/2021 11:02

by Ava Thompson-Powell


The LCS Lock In of 2021 is reshaping the landscape ahead, especially because one Evil Geniuses player is dominating, proving that they’re one to watch.

Who would have guessed that Daniele ‘Jiizuke’ di Mauro was going to become North America’s best League of Legends mid-laner? The 25-year old has shone for Evil Geniuses so far at the LCS Lock In.

After some time on the sidelines, Jiizuke returned to the front line and has even been more influential than Tristan ‘PowerOfEvil’ Schrage and Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen. However, only time will tell if the Italian Stallion can keep the heat as we head into the LCS Lock In’s semi-finals!


As an early contender for LCS’ best mid-laner, the player is one to watch out for in future plays. In past seasons, LCS’ best mid-laner often alternated between TSM’s coach, Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg, and Liquid’s Jensen. That being said, though, even with the addition of Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković, the Italian manages to stand out from the crowd.

Evil Geniuses allows the player room to breathe, but also provides a fantastic roster of names that can keep up with his performance. He provides a space for performances that players like PowerOfEvil and Jensen just aren’t able to deliver for their roster.


A true solo-laner is rare within the community, but the ex-Vitality player can do it all. With a care-free and can-do attitude, he showcases that he’s incredibly comfortable making both a play solo and split pushing. With 20 eliminations under his belt, and current kill leader, he has the largest share of his team’s damage output. Whether or not he will be able to lead Evil Geniuses to a resounding win is yet to be seen.

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