Insanity on Immortals’ LCS Summer form slump: “It’s just us beating ourselves” - Dexerto
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Insanity on Immortals’ LCS Summer form slump: “It’s just us beating ourselves”

Published: 19/Jun/2021 7:53

by Andrew Amos


After a blistering start in LCS Summer 2021, Immortals have fallen to a four-game losing streak. Mid laner David ‘Insanity’ Challe isn’t too worried, though, as the underdogs start staking their claim for playoffs success.

Immortals can’t seem to catch a break after the Summer opening week in 2021. They went undefeated in Week 1 with some solid wins and looked like a real top-four contender.

Since then, they’ve gone 0-4 ⁠— but no loss was as close as their Week 3 affair with TSM. With the game in the balance after a tense 40-minute tussle, Insanity’s squad took TSM head-on in a classic base race.


They lost by under half a nexus.

The mid laner, on Ziggs, couldn’t help but laugh and call the loss “unfortunate.” He was in good spirits about it all ⁠— especially considering how he brought his team back from the dead with a heroic Baron steal, but it wasn’t enough to stop Heo ‘Huni’ Seung-hoon from landing the final blow.

“The second they pulled Baron, I knew I was going to steal it. My ultimate does like 1400 damage, so I knew that it was mine. I was pretty calm then, but the second the base race started, my heart was racing,” he told Dexerto.


“I thought we’d honestly win the game, and I think if I played it perfectly and triggered my passive correctly with my abilities, I would have one-shot the nexus, and we would have won. During that whole time, my mind went blank, and I don’t really remember much.”

Pretty promotion could have gone “much better”

The big storyline surrounding Immortals heading into Week 3 was the aftermath of Academy mid laner Prodromos ‘Pretty’ Kevezitidis getting “rewarded” for his performances with an LCS start over Insanity against Evil Geniuses.

It didn’t go to plan, going 0/4/4 on Orianna as Daniele ‘Jiizuke’ di Mauro and Dennis ‘Svenskeren’ Johnsen put the pressure on in the 32-minute loss to start their winless streak.


While Insanity was quick to correct the record in saying it was a “one-time thing” and he “wasn’t [getting] sent back to Academy” full-time soon, he hopes Pretty can get the shot he deserves one day.

Insanity Immortals LCS Summer 2021
Tina Jo for Riot Games
Insanity says while Pretty’s LCS call-up didn’t go to plan, the Academy mid laner is showing a lot of promise.

“We’re pretty close, and we do a lot of 1v1s together to try and get better. I think it was a good experience for him, but it could have been even better. The way it went, I feel pretty bad for him because he didn’t show himself well when I think he is much better,” he admitted.

“He will eventually, if he keeps working hard, make LCS as well.”


Nevertheless, Immortals have some soul searching to do in LCS Summer 2021 Week 3 to try and even their record for the split. They’ll have two more chances against a red-hot Cloud9 and a middling FlyQuest, and Insanity has promised things will “only get better from here.”

“I don’t think the strength of schedule should matter for us. Like I said in a previous interview, it’s just us beating ourselves,” he said.

“We’re a lot better than we’re showing, and we have a lot of games still in the split, and it’ll only get better from here.”


Immortals next play Cloud9 in LCS Summer 2021 on June 19.