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Insane Yone exploit makes new League champion invincible

Published: 11/Aug/2020 4:17 Updated: 11/Aug/2020 4:18

by Andrew Amos


If you thought Yone’s instant teleport “feature” was bad, then this new exploit is on a whole nother level. League’s newest champion can turn invincible during his E, and can now dodge abilities like Zoe sleep, Mordekaiser’s ultimate, and even Urgot’s ultimate.

Yone is League of Legends’ freshest addition. Yasuo’s older brother has come back from the dead, although he’s not really known for cheating death.

While people are still figuring out how best to use League’s 150th champion, there’s a few tips and tricks people have been mastering with Yone’s E. You can use the pseudo-teleport as a way to get back to lane faster after you channel a Baron-empowered recall.


Yone in League of Legends
Riot Games
Yone’s E is strong, but we don’t think it’s meant to turn you invincible.

However, there is one smaller element of the ability many overlooked, until now. When you dash back to Yone’s human form, you will be unstoppable for a certain amount of time.

You can use this window to avoid CC, in what is surely one of League’s most game-breaking, yet easiest to execute exploits. Vandiril showcased just how easy it is to replicate it in an August 10 YouTube video.

If Yone times his E so he returns to his human form while he would otherwise be tagged by crowd control, he will dodge it. While he will still take the damage in most cases, he won’t be affected by the debuff, and can go on his merry way.


This can be used to dodge a number of abilities. Tagged by Zoe or Lillia sleep? Just dash out and return to your human form just before you go under. Caught in a Mordekaiser ultimate? You can quickly dash out.

You can even save yourself from an Urgot ultimate if you time your E at the right time. If you time it right, you won’t even need to wait for the five-second window ⁠— there’s a slight window indicating Urgot is pulling you in before you are suppressed that you can abuse.

There’s infinite possibilities to abuse this. In fact, if you consider yourself a Yone one-trick, you should probably learn how to pull off this neat trick. It might be a bug or exploit, or it could be an intended feature, Riot hasn’t come out publicly to say what it is. We bet it’s probably the former.

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Riot have been pretty strict with major game-breaking exploit crackdowns as of late. 3,000 players in China were banned for three years after being caught abusing a global Ornn W exploit. The same went for Kayn, Poppy, and other champions abusing Hexflash exploits.

It’s unclear if Riot would enforce the same punishments for abusing this exploit. This Yone exploit is not going to hard-win you games like the other ones, but it’s pretty game-breaking.

It could just be an intended feature at the end of the day though. In any case however, this is one exploit you’d probably want to learn, especially if you call yourself a Yone main.