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League of Legends

Game-changing League of Legends bug makes Draven absurdly powerful

Published: 19/Apr/2019 15:39 Updated: 19/Apr/2019 15:48

by Joe O'Brien


A League of Legends bug makes Draven incredibly powerful when using the Kleptomancy rune and paired with Illaoi.

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Using the Kleptomancy rune means that after using an ability, your next two basic attacks within 10 seconds will grant 5 gold if targeted against an enemy champion. Hitting a non-champion will still consume the stacks, but won’t grant the bonus gold.

It turns out, however, that there’s an exception to the “non-champion” rule – Illaoi’s “Test of Spirit” ability, which sees her pull an enemy’s spirit from their body. The spirit appears in front of her  and remains there for 10 seconds or until the enemy moves far enough away to break the link.


The spirit can be attacked and killed while active, with some of the damage being echoed on the champion themselves. If Draven attacks the spirit with Kleptomancy, however, he’ll earn the bonus gold usually reserved for hitting an enemy directly.

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Riot GamesDraven can be incredibly powerful if he’s able to cash in his Adoration stacks.

The power of this combo is even greater, however, because it’s not just Kleptomancy that can be activated by the spirit.

One of Draven’s major mechanics is his passive, which sees him build stacks of “Adoration” for actions like catching a spinning axe or killing minions. When he kills a champion, he cashes in Adoration stacks for a significant chunk of bonus gold – though he also loses 75% of his stacks for dying.


Right now, it appears that if Draven kills one of Illaoi’s spirits, he cashes in his Adoration stacks in the same way he would if he had killed a champion.

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The result is that Draven and Illaoi together in the bot lane is currently an insanely powerful combination. Setting up spirits for Draven to kill isn’t particularly difficult, so enemies must watch Draven collect massive amounts of bonus gold without having to risk an all-in play, or else play so safely that they effectively concede the laning phase anyway.

Draven is in most cases very much a feast-or-famine champion. If he manages to get rolling in the early game and consume his Adoration stacks, he can become an incredibly powerful force in the game. If he’s shut down, however, it’s difficult for him to work his way back.


With this combination, getting ahead early on is ridiculously easy for Draven, making him a powerhouse that the enemy will have to devote a huge amount of resources to keep in check. It’s almost certain this is a bug that will likely be fixed fairly soon, but in the meantime it’s worth being aware of, if only to be sure that the champions get banned if you don’t want to use them yourself.