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Ex LoL pro Quas blames attention seeking “e-girl” after harassment allegations

Published: 28/Feb/2021 16:24

by Julian Young


After allegations surfaced that former League of Legends pro Diego ‘Quas’ Ruiz harassed an underage girl during a match, the player-turned-streamer has denied any wrongdoing and blamed the incident on “e-girls craving attention.”

Diego Ruiz — more commonly known as Quas in professional League of Legends — began his career as a pro player in 2013. From 2013-2015, he grabbed the attention of fellow players and fans after successful stints on Team Curse and later Team Liquid.

In late 2015 Ruiz was suspended by Team Liquid’s management, and after a brief return playing for NRG and Tempo Storm, he announced his retirement from pro play and began focusing his efforts on streaming and content creation.


Mostly absent from the spotlight since his retirement, Quas became the focus of the League community’s attention after allegations surfaced that he had harassed an underage girl during a match. Ruiz has since responded to the accusations, and said he has “nothing to be sorry about.”

Accusations first surfaced on February 28 after a screenshot was shared by Twitter user ‘paigelol’ showing in-game messages between two accounts, one being ‘Twtv Quaslol’. The Quaslol account sent a message asking the other individual if they were a 17-year-old female.

Paigelol then responded to her original tweet and tagged Ruiz on Twitter, saying “Stop messaging underage girls you f**king freak.” Quas was quick to answer via his own Twitter account, and simply said “You can go f**k yourself, sweetie.”


He then reiterated this on separate Tweets on his own account, saying “Why did I even feel bad about something that was made up to put me in a bad light I don’t know.”

Even after additional accounts questioned his actions and called him out for the alleged behavior, Quas refused to apologize and doubled-down on his pushback. “Actually, I have nothing to be sorry about,” he elaborated in one of several follow-up tweets.

“E-girl, craving some e-attention, all because of sh*t tier fathering,” he said in another tweet.

Ruiz continued to deny being in the wrong as other accounts — including pro players, Twitch streamers, and members of professional organizations — questioned his behavior.


After paigelol shared the initial screenshot of Ruiz’s in-game messages, she followed up with several pictures of Discord conversations and tweets from other accounts claiming they had experienced similar harassment from Quas in the past.

“Wait this guy added me and my friend and made super rude comments when he’s like ten years older than me,” one user on Twitter responded. The player from the original in-game exchange also confirmed that Ruiz, age 29, was a full twelve years older than herself at 17.

At the time of writing, Riot has not issued any official comments or updates on the situation, and Ruiz’s accounts on Twitch and League of Legends are still active.


It remains to be seen what action Riot and/or Twitch will take in this instance — if any action is taken at all. We will make sure to keep you updated as the situation unfolds and more information becomes available.