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Everything we know about LoL’s new Dr Mundo rework: release date, more

Published: 25/Sep/2020 8:54 Updated: 8/Jan/2021 17:34

by Isaac McIntyre


Dr Mundo is finally joining the modern League of Legends roster, with the Madman of Zaun set for a major visual gameplay update in Season 11. Here’s everything we know about the planned champion rework.

Riot has “made a lot of progress” on the Mundo visual gameplay update over the past few months, the devs revealed in a Sep. 24 update. In fact, they’re already beginning to see the iconic LoL juggernaut take shape behind the scenes.

“We saw that a lot of people wanted us to keep Mundo as a fun, comical champion, so that is definitely something we’re planning on keeping,” the dev team explained.


The plan, lead gameplay developer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles said, is to have Mundo “embody a kind of ‘dark comical’ theme”. There aren’t many other League champions with that “unique style,” the dev said, so they wanted to stay true to that champion personality.

Another element of the rework was to keep Mundo true to his original 2009 ability kit. The self-made doctor has always lacked crowd control and dashes, and the dev team has no plans to change that “at all” in the 2021 rework.

Riot Games
Riot Games
Dr Mundo is finally being updated after eleven years on the Rift.

Dr Mundo rework abilities

Riot devs have previously spoken about the need to “modernize” Dr Mundo’s eleven-year-old ability kit. Much of his current power lies in his tankiness. Beyond that, he offers very little to ever-evolving team compositions on Summoner’s Rift.


Mundo will likely keep his Q, the “Infected Cleaver,” in some form. He will also retain his key ability to regenerate health via his ultimate, “Sadism,” the dev team has said.

“He has a lot that currently works well for him, like his super regeneration and the ability to constantly chuck cleavers, both of which you can expect to stay in some form after his update,” Reav3 stated in a June 10 blog post.

“Our main goals are to give opponents more counterplay options against Mundo; increase Mundo’s gameplay variance beyond landing cleavers, and bring Mundo into the modern era of League without sacrificing his overall simplicity.”


Riot Games
Riot has a general idea of where they want to take Dr Mundo, but nothing is solid yet.

Fear not, however. The Dr Mundo update will be closer to Sett than something like the new ADC champion Aphelios. The development team wants to keep him a “very simple champion” in the VGU. That means Dr Mundo won’t lose his core identity.

“The core of his kit has stayed consistent over the years,” Colt Hallam said in Riot’s ‘The Making of the Madman dev blog. “Mundo performs well as a poke-tank, takes damage in unique ways, and he obviously goes where he pleases.”

Dr Mundo will have his visual elements updated in the rework, alongside his gameplay changes.
Riot Games
Dr Mundo will have his visual elements updated in the rework, alongside his gameplay changes.

Dr Mundo release date

The planned Dr Mundo rework is still a ways away ⁠— Riot Games have handed the re-release a Season 11 schedule. That means mid-2021 is likely for his rework debut.


In the Season 2021 live stream that aired on January 8, Riot developers confirmed we can expect to see Mundo’s rework release in Spring.

That timeframe would place Mundo’s re-entrance onto the Rift as an updated champ around the same time as the past two reworks, which makes sense.

If we had to put a patch release date on it, Dexerto would be tipping Patch 10.6 for the Dr Mundo rework to hit the Rift. That gives Riot enough time to ship the huge Season 11 item changes they have planned, then launch Mundo’s rework.

Dr. Mundo is finally set for a League of Legends VGU overhaul, after 11 years on the Rift.
Riot Games
The Dr Mundo rework should be released in the first few patches of Season 11.

So there you have it ⁠— everything we know about the Dr Mundo rework. We will continue to update you on further developments too as Riot unveils new details.


Mundo isn’t the only “new” champion arriving around the end of 2020 either. “Sensational mage” Seraphine is expected to debut in Patch 10.22. Riot also revealed they’re planning to add a brand-new jungler early in Season 11 as well.