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Cloud9 Sneaky unveils K/DA Akali cosplay

Published: 25/Sep/2019 19:30 Updated: 26/Sep/2019 14:38

by Scott Robertson


League of Legends pro and Cloud 9 bot laner Zachary ‘cosplay, this time portraying a member of Riot’s Kpop incarnation K/DA.

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Sneaky is no longer just a League of Legends star. He’s no longer just a star in the world of cosplay either. Now, he’s a full-blown POPSTAR.

Sneaky’s cosplay showcase in the last year has been remarkable. His ability to push boundaries and pull off these outfits is almost as stunning as the costumes themselves. His play on the rift has been spectacular as well, as Cloud 9 was one game short of winning the LCS Summer Finals, but dominated in Championship points to secure the second NA seed at Worlds.


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On September 25, he showed off his newest creation ahead of the upcoming 2019 World Championships, a cosplay of the Akali champion in her K/DA inspired outfit.

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As always, Sneaky has gone out to ensure top-level costume accuracy and style. The raised platform sneakers, the ferocious facemask, the gold bracelets, the purple and gold half-jacket; he’s hit all the checkmarks.

Sneaky has briefly toyed with a K/DA inspired cosplay in the past, appearing as Kai’Sa with his girlfriend and photographer Esther Lynn. He even got his Cloud 9 teammates together for a K/DA themed makeup session. While Dennis ‘Svenskeren’ Johnsen wasn’t too keen on doing more cosplay, Sneaky evidently kept hold of the idea of doing a full K/DA Akali get up.


Esther LynnCan you feel the rush now? Ain’t nobody bringing Sneaky down.
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The K/DA Akali cosplay is just another addition to Sneaky’s summer cosplay collection. Just in this past month, Sneaky has done stunning cosplays for the Pool Party Caitlyn skin, and has gone outside League of Legends to cosplay the character Junko Enoshima from the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

Sneaky’s newest cosplay comes just a month before the LoL World Championships, where K/DA made its debut last year. Riot began the development of the virtual Kpop group in 2017, eventually signing a collection of American and Korean ladies to provide the voices. 

Riot GamesThe digital girl group is coming up on their one year anniversary
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K/DA debuted at World 2018 with an augmented reality/live performance and subsequent digital release of their lone track, POP/STARS. They also released a music video that broke the record for most viewed Kpop girl group debut video. It’s currently over 265 million views.


Sneaky revealed that more photos from this shoot will be available on his Patreon account. His Patreon is currently supported by nearly 1400 patrons. Sneaky and Cloud 9 are currently bootcamping in Europe for Worlds, so it’s unknown when fans will get a taste of his next cosplay.