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Chinese police arrest top-ranked League player after finding him in Internet cafe

Published: 16/Aug/2021 11:42

by Jacob Hale


An off-duty Chinese police officer paid a visit to an internet cafe in Chongqing, China, to play some League of Legends with friends — and ended up running into a criminal wanted by his police department.

The culture of internet cafes, or internet bangs, in Asian countries, is far more pronounced than anywhere else in the world. In countries like China and South Korea, these are perfectly-built hubs for the best players to master their craft.

As such, you get people from all walks of life visiting them. As well as top players, you also get groups of friends just looking to enjoy their downtime together and visit the Rift.


For one wanted criminal, though, an innocent trip to the internet cafe became far worse than he could have imagined.

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This LoL player definitely got more than he bargained for when queueing into teh Ionia server.

According to a report on Baijiahao, the wanted man — who was unnamed in the report — had allegedly been involved in a civil assault case, but the police had failed to detain him.

The man had actually been announced as the number one ranked player on the Ionia server, a common show of respect in internet cafes when highly ranked players start playing.

The officer went to have a look at the top player, and quickly realized that it was a criminal he was looking for. He called in backup, and they detained the player, as shown in the CCTV footage below.


The Ionia server was the first server opened and is often thought of as the best one, due to its age and how competitive it is, so the player’s ability to reach rank 1 is no mean feat.

Of course, that means nothing if you’re committing crimes and are found trying to compete in an internet cafe. Needless to say, anyone wanted by the police will think twice before going to one now.