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Chinese man loses lawsuit after spending $22k on League of Legends e-girl

Published: 27/Jun/2021 22:31 Updated: 27/Jun/2021 22:35

by Bill Cooney


One of the oddest stories we’ve seen this week involves a Chinese League of Legends player who lost a lawsuit trying to recoup more than $22,000 he spent on a female player hired through an app to play with him.

In the year of our lord 2021, individuals dropping hundreds if not thousands of dollars on some online personality isn’t unheard of at all, but someone suing to get that money back is something we don’t see everyday.

But, that’s just what happened in Gunagzhou, China, according to a post by the Guangzhou Daily News on Weibo (and translated on Twitter thanks to games journalist Danial Ahmad).


Here’s the gist of it: a male League of Legends player spent $22,000 on a female companion he found to play with him through an app, but after she refused to go on a date with him, he sued to get the money back.

According to Guangzhou Daily on Weibo, the man they call ‘Xiao Jun’ spent the equivalent of $22,ooo on in-app fees and gifts for the female League player-for-hire, named ‘Xiao Mei.’

From November 2019 to April 2020, Jun paid over 72,400 Yuan (more than $11,000) in fees just through the app alone to play with her, and in February 2020 he apparently tried to bump it up a notch by asking for a date.


Xiao Mei refused, but Jun is obviously a man who lets his money do the talking for him. So, instead of taking “no” for an answer, he just went out and spent another 73,766 Yuan ($11,425) on “watches, cosmetics, etc” and sent them to her.

Now, Mei initially refused these gifts as well as the constant requests for a date, but Jun just went ahead and mailed them right to her address, so she figured “why not?” and signed for the gifts before using them anyway.

Things reached a boiling point when Jun got in in-game friends and fans in LoL to call Mei his “wife” while they were playing together. This seemed to be the last straw for Mei, and she decided to terminate the “play services” she was providing through the app.


Upset at spending over $22,000 on a woman who obviously had no interest other than making money by playing League with him, Jun took his broken heart to the Xiangtan Yuhu District People’s Court and sued Mei for “unjust enrichment” to try and get all of the money back.

Based on the headline to this story, you already know what happened next. The court ruled that the two had a “service contract relationship” for playing League together through the app, and that Jun had also voluntarily donated Mei all of the goods.

The fact the two were bound by contractual agreement through the app, and the fact Jun sent the gifts without any request from Mei, means Jun’s case was quickly thrown out from court. And now his story can be a cautionary tale for everyone: don’t get too enamored with someone you’re only familiar with online.