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Riot is finally updating Caitlyn ten years after League of Legends release

Published: 31/Oct/2021 1:15 Updated: 31/Oct/2021 1:18

by Isaac McIntyre


Caitlyn is finally on the verge of getting her long-awaited League of Legends update, mainly focused around her “outdated” in-game graphics, with Riot Games secretly shipping out a modern look for the ADC in the LoL backend files while revealing a full visual overhaul on social media.

It’s been 3,953 days since the Sheriff of Piltover was released.

Since then, Caitlyn has enjoyed a whopping 81 different changes, ranging from damage buffs (and nerfs), her base stats, and her number of Yordle Snap Traps.

In the ADC’s now decade-long League of Legends history, however, it has mainly been her gameplay that has come under Riot’s patch microscope. Caitlyn’s character model, and many of her splash arts too, still look the same as they did more than 10 years ago, when she first debuted on Summoner’s Rift.


That seems to be on the verge of changing though, with Riot Games quietly making changes to the Sheriff’s character model in the League of Legends files, and updating her look in Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra.

The wait, it seems, is finally over; nearly 4,000 days after her release, Caitlyn looks set to join the modern League of Legends roster with a major visual update.

Caitlyn bot-lane
Riot Games
Caitlyn’s decade-old League of Legends artwork, and her LoL in-game model, are being changed.

Riot confirmed the visual update on October 30, which showcased the new splash arts and skin models in a three-minute “Champion Theme” video.

The visual update has several changes to Caitlyn’s character model. The ADC’s iconic wide-brim purple hat is nowhere to be seen in the leaked images, and her fluffy crinoline also looks like it has been scrapped from the design.


The character’s dress has also been trimmed slightly.

The last major change is on Caitlyn’s legs; gone are the leather straps she has worn for the past decade. In their place, the Sheriff is now wearing black stockings.

Several of these visual changes also appear in Caitlyn’s new Wild Rift artwork, which is expected to ship in the mobile game’s 2.5 update. This wouldn’t be notable ⁠— the two games often have different imagery ⁠— except it has also been uncovered in a secret “Pandora” folder in the League of Legends backend files.

Caitlyn’s model update has shipped in some capacity for Teamfight Tactics, being shown off during the Set 6 reveal.


The Sheriff of Piltover's new in-game look is already live in Wild Rift games.
Riot Games
The Sheriff of Piltover’s new in-game look is already live in Wild Rift games.

An exact release date for the Caitlyn visual rework is unclear. However, with the release of Arcane around the corner on November 6, and new skins coming for all the main characters — including the Sheriff herself — League of Legends players can expect it soon.

What has been confirmed on the rework front, however, is the LoL devs are already working on several VGU (visual game updates) for older champions, with those set to drop in Season 12. They include Udyr ⁠— that update is coming in “early” 2022 ⁠— and another yet-to-be-revealed champion too.

Dexerto can confirm that the second Season 12 rework definitely won’t be for Teemo, Nocturne, Skarner, or Shyvana. Riot is expected to reveal more details soon.