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Cloud9 LoL pro Sneaky reveals why he misses former teammate Jensen

Published: 4/Feb/2019 22:59 Updated: 5/Feb/2019 12:28

by Alan Bernal


The League of Legends’ esport scene is filled with intense storylines and tremendous heartaches at every turn, and it looks like popular ADC Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi has opened up about previous teammate Nicolaj Jensen.

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Cloud9 has no shortage of meme-producing players that have stuck in the hearts of their fans. But the ending to the Sneaky-Jensen bromance when the latter transferred to a rival team shocked fans upon hearing the news.

In separate interviews with Travis Gafford, both sides gave an update on where they stood with each other and it seemed like Sneaky really missed his friend.


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In traditional Sneaky fashion, the star ADC was tamed in his response but gave insight on the friendship that produced deep runs at Worlds, LCS-wide memes, and hilarious clips, which now seems to be waning.

“He was a really good friend of mine, we’d play random games together,” Sneaky said. “… I knew him really well. And we’d got along.”

Sneaky said that communication between the two is increasingly difficult because of the warring schedules, but he sees a future friendship thriving like he has with former teammates William ‘Meteos’ Hartman and Jung ‘Impact’ Eon-yeong.


However things didn’t look so optimistic from Jensen’s perspective, as the latest signing for Team Liquid said that he’s moved on from more than Cloud9.

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“(Sneaky and I) had a really chill relationship with each other, we’d do stuff outside of League together. We were pretty good friends… I’ve been having a good time on Liquid so far. While I do miss him, he’s not on my mind anymore. Sorry Sneaky,” Jensen said.

Jensen and Sneaky indicated that while the two are still on good terms, the intense schedule of being on different LCS teams could take precedence while the season is on.