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The best TFT Set 6 comps, as picked by the devs

Published: 18/Oct/2021 9:00 Updated: 18/Oct/2021 9:05

by Andrew Amos


TFT Set 6 is finally here. There’s plenty of Gizmos & Gadgets to try and wrap your head around, so finding what’s meta is hard. Fear not, we’ve got a list of the best TFT Set 6 comps you should try from Day 1 ⁠— with a little bit of input from the developers.

TFT Set 6 is bringing plenty of new ways to play Riot’s hit auto-battler. With a diverse roster of champions and traits, plus the intricate Hextech Augments system, no two games will ever feel the same.

This set, more than any other, will keep players on their toes. Every game will be about adapting to what you’re given.


However, there’s a few strong comps you should test out at the start of TFT Set 6 and gain an edge on your opponents, and we asked the devs for their top picks.

Best TFT Set 6 comps

Mortdog’s pick: Mutant-Malzahar is here to shred enemies down

Malzahar in League of Legends
Riot Games
Malzahar can run rampant with his Malefic Visions.

Lead TFT developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer has had a soft spot for Malzahar since the game began. That hasn’t stopped in Set 6, with an all-new Mutant build allowing him to really shine.

“I’m biased, my favorite is Malzahar with Hextech Gunblade and 5 Mutant when you get the Astro variation. That way his mana cost is 20, he’s throwing DOTs everywhere, healing your team up,” he explained.


That combination is very important. Hextech Gunblade makes your Malzahar near-on unkillable ⁠— especially when he’s always casting his spells with low mana thanks to the Synaptic Web buff.

However, if the Mutant buff in that game isn’t in your favor, there’s still plenty of carry threats. Voidborne is a great all-round pick thanks to the execute, while the Hyper-Adrenal Glands buff really pushes Kog’Maw and Kai’Sa carry to the limit.

If you can find an Augment like Unstable Evolution to buff up your Mutants, it’s a certain win.

GreenTeej’s pick: Yordle is a reroll player’s dream in TFT

Vex, the Gloomist, will finally make her LoL debut this update cycle.
Riot Games
Vex is a surprisingly strong frontline unit with plenty of damage.

Yordle is certainly going to be a very popular composition on TFT Set 6’s release. It fulfils the reroll fantasy perfectly, with the trait building up to three-star every unit and push for the secret Yordle-Lord, Veigar.


“I just love reroll comps and ‘the Yordle’ [Veigar] is very fun to play with,” developer TJ ‘GreenTeej’ Bourus said.

If you manage to get 3 Yordle online by 2-1 ⁠— even better if you have a two-star Ziggs or Poppy ⁠— you can definitely push towards that hyper-roll fantasy. Running either Vex (great with Titan’s Resolve) or Heimerdinger carry is viable, but you will want to save some items for Veigar too.

This comp pairs up really nicely with a lot of Augments too. So Small gives your Yordles dodge chance, while Underdogs grants health regen when you have fewer units alive than your opponent. Trade Sector and Golden Ticket will help you reroll to your heart’s content too!


Dexerto’s pick: Bruiser with Jinx carry will dominate the meta

League of Legends Elf Jinx Cosplay
Riot Games
Ride Jinx’s rocket to a win in TFT Set 6.

In TFT Set 6 playtesting, we found the most success with running Bruiser comps. The evolution of the Brawler trait to now grant bonus health to all allies, making it a great scaling composition into the late game too.

You can choose to run either 6 Bruiser or 8 Bruiser ⁠— depending on if you find an Augment. However, you’ll need to run a select few every game including Vi, Trundle, Cho’Gath, and Dr Mundo.

Vi is important because she opens up the Sister trait with Jinx, mega buffing the two. Trundle also enables you to play 2 Scrap, while Cho’Gath and Dr. Mundo pushes you towards 3 Mutant, in case you find an Augment or Emblem.


Don’t find a Jinx? There’s still plenty of carries that can take her place: Kog’Maw is great with 3 Mutant thanks to Cho’Gath and Dr Mundo, or you can play Kai’Sa and Jayce if you find other five-costs before her. They all share similar items, so it’s quite the adaptable comp.

TFT Set 6 launches on patch 11.22, due on November 3. It will be available on the PBE starting October 20.