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Best jungle path for every League of Legends champion

Published: 4/Mar/2020 20:12 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 15:38

by Alan Bernal


A tool created by League of Legends fans gives new Jungler players the best-aggregated pathing for every popular champion in the role.

Along with their team, creator ‘JackWills’ spent months collecting “the most popular Jungle paths taken from high elo players,” which consists of Masters tier and above.

Though it’s still a work in progress, the site can be used as an invaluable tool for someone just starting out as a jungler – especially if they’ve never had any experience in the position before.

Riot Games
Changes to the jungle, along with traditional responsibilities in the role, can make it an intimidating position for a lot of LoL players to take.

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The nitty-gritty details of collecting the data essentially culminate in a tool,, that gives players a good, general understanding of jungle paths for meta champions.


“The site uses the Riot API to extract game data, then uses a ‘probabilistic’ method to get the best estimate for where each jungler went,” JackWills said. “Although for individual games this isn’t 100% effective – over the 15,000+ games we study each week, it has a high degree of accuracy.”

Using the site is straight forward: search the Champion’s name (you’ll need to spell out the correct name since typing ‘Yi’ for ‘Master Yi’ won’t cut it), after that select which side of the map you’re playing on.
Champs with a low amount of games analyzed can yield odd results, but popular champs have a higher degree of accuracy for good jungle pathing.

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Red side is the top half of the map, while Blue side spawns at the Nexus toward the bottom of the Rift.


After clicking ‘find jungle path,’ if there’s been enough data on the champion, you’ll find either one or a few options detailing the popular pathing that players took.

The site is straightforward in presentation but gives newer players a lifeline in figuring out where they most likely need to go at the start of each game.

Riot Games
Knowing good jungle pathing makes the role a lot easier to play.

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With the 10.4 and 10.5 patch, Riot has been trying to encourage more players to take up the Jungle position, but there’s an odd learning curve stopping people from committing to the role.

It’s not that jungling is necessarily ‘harder’ than any other role, but elements to take into account as a team’s jungler are just different since you need to pay attention to things like camp spawns, deciding which lanes are good to gank, and more.


While new junglers will still have to get accustomed to that part of League of Legends, the new site can be a useful guide to nailing optimal jungle paths depending on the situation.