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‘Calculated’ Hearthstone win shows why you should never concede early

Published: 15/Jan/2020 5:46

by Brad Norton


The Hearthstone community is no stranger to insane ‘wombo-combos’ and over the top plays to achieve lethal damage, yet even when things are looking bleak, this hilarious outcome shows why you should never hit the concede button early. 

Climbing the competitive ladder in Hearthstone can often be a great test of patience. Even the most experienced players often encounter annoying decks that can throw them off their game.

No matter how frustrated you might be at the way a given match might be unfolding however, a recent Rank 10 highlight shows why you should never even think to concede before it’s all said and done.


Climbing from the lowest rank is often quite the challenge with each passing season in Hearthstone.

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With their opponent on the ropes throughout a January 14 matchup, Reddit user ‘DreadedCOW’ completely forgot that a certain Priest effect was in play and very nearly squandered their chance at success.

11 damage is all that stood between them and victory. With eight damage already on the board and everyone’s favorite Charge minion Leeroy Jenkins joining the party, it seemed as though the outcome of the match was purely academic from this turn onwards.

Dropping the five-mana Legendary onto the board without a moment of hesitation, the player was confused as to why their first attacks weren’t enough to seal the deal and close out the match. Amusingly realizing that they had played Lady in White earlier in the game, it turned out that lethal was still a few extra hit-points away. 


I played Leeroy for lethal forgetting I used Lady in White previously which would’ve led to me not have lethal, fortunately my opponent conceded when he saw Leeroy from hearthstone

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Dropping onto the board as a mere 2/2 minion, the World of Warcraft throwback didn’t quite pack its usual punch due to the effect of Lady in White reducing all attack power to match a card’s health.

Before they even had time to amend their miscalculation and play around the missing damage, their opponent had bid them adieu and backed right out of the game.

Likely kicking themselves after the fact once they realized that the Leeroy was nerfed into the ground during the match, the opponent perfectly showed why no Hearthstone player should ever hit that concede button early. No matter how tempting it might be to back out and find a new game as quickly as possible, your opponents are always liable to make mistakes. 


The iconic Leeroy moment in World of Warcraft history spawned an enduring joke in the community and led to the popular card in Hearthstone.

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While the outcome was mostly set in stone anyways, and the player could have sealed the deal in a matter of seconds, there’s still a chance that the wrong cards could have been clicked and an opportunity could have presented itself to turn things around.

In a game so focused on the luck of the draw, you never know how the next card in your deck might change the outcome of a match. So take this lesson into your next session with you and try to forget that the concede option even exists.