Forsen frustrated after first Hearthstone return in years goes wrong - Dexerto

Forsen frustrated after first Hearthstone return in years goes wrong

Published: 6/Nov/2019 3:56 Updated: 6/Nov/2019 4:13

by Brad Norton


Despite first earning his fame on Hearthstone streams, Sebastien Hans ‘Forsen’ Eli Fors struggled to enjoy a return to Blizzard’s collectible card game after a few years away.

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The popular content creator stands out as one of the biggest on Twitch having amassed over a million followers and serving as the face for one of the most widely used emotes on the platform.

After a lengthy hiatus from playing Hearthstone, despite being one of the most competitive players throughout his initial tenure, Forsen finally returned to the title in a recent stream and was met with a great deal of frustration.


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In a November 5 broadcast, after a few hours of grinding CSGO, he decided to mix things up for the stream and surprisingly return to Hearthstone following a few years off.

Opening the game for the first time since the early days of Hearthstone, Forsen was met with what seemed like an endless cycle of pop-ups advertising all of the updates and changes that had been doled out in his absence.

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From expansion notifications to countless old-school cards being transferred from Standard to Wild across the numerous seasons he missed, the spam just wouldn’t relent.


The constant influx of messages even broke the game entirely at one point, forcing him to close the application after a certain line of dialogue froze the menus in place. “I’ll see you again in three years Hearthstone,” he joked after being forced to exit out of the game.

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Cycling through dozens of card packs and champion unlocks earned throughout his years away, the streamer slammed his deck and yelled for the notifications to “stop” as the same dialogue reappeared.

“It’s like surfing p*rn without adblock,” he said before piling on the criticism, and asking Blizzard if they wanted him to return to their game at all, or if they were trying to keep him away.


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Fortunately, the streamer finally made his way through to the actual game and continued to play for a few hours, even testing out some of the new single-player modes.

There’s no telling whether Forsen will get back to his old Miracle Rogue ways and climb the ranked ladder once again, or if he’ll fall off and abandon the card game for another few years. Either way, it’s safe to say that his return to the title was a trying one at that.