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Best Skyrim console commands on PC

Published: 28/Oct/2021 17:21

by Sam Smith


Skyrim’s console commands help players to change the very fabric of the gameplay to suit them, from advancing quickly in quests to leveling up and granting skill points. 

Skyrim’s console commands helps players to change the gameplay to suit them, from advancing in quests to levelling up and granting skill points. Here’s a breakdown of Skyrim’s best console commands and what each one does.

Players wanting to adjust the gameplay on PC will find Skyrim’s console commands invaluable. While these aren’t available on console versions of the game, they give PC players a ton of options.


These can be used to make changes to their Dragonborn character, be it changing their appearance, adding items or abilities – they can even be used to change NPCs, enemies, and quests! We’ve compiled a list of the best console commands in Skyrim and broken them down into categories.


Skyrim character walking in-game.
Exploring Skyrim is even more fun with the use of console commands.

Basic Skyrim console commands

The first batch of Skyrim console commands will allow you to toggle certain effects on and off’ can be expanded ever so slightly, saying like ‘giving you access to God Mode, Immortal mode and even turning off clipping to move through walls and floors.

Code Effect
rm Toggle Run Mode. This switches between running and walking.
tai Toggle Artificial Intelligence. This basically turns NPCs into dummies.
tc Toggle player Control of target character. Allows the player to control NPCs and enemies. To turn off simply target the player again.
tcai Toggle Combat AI. This turns NPCs hostile to their surroundings, but they will not attack the player.
tcl Toggle Collision. Turns off clipping for a target (they can move through walls or floors.)
tdetect Toggle AI Detection. This does not work with Pickpocket.
teofis Used to increase frames per second.
tfc Toggle freefly camera on and off.
tfow Opens all unexplored parts of the map.
tg Toggles grass on or off.
tgm Toggle God Mode (Gives infinite health, magicka, and stamina, carry weight.
tim Toggle Immortal Mode (Character will still take damage, but won’t die.)
tll Toggles LOD one or off
tm Toggle Menus (Disables GUI such as menus, compass, subtitles and messages.
tmm <#> Toggle Map Markers. Add <0> Disable all. <1> Enable all. <1,0,1> Show all.
ts Toggles fog on or off.
tser Toggles script processing on or off.
tt Toggles trees on or off.
tws Toggles water on or off.
twf Toggles framework border on or off.
skyrim NPC of a dunmer elf being controlled by console commands
Console commands can make NPCs do lots of fun things.

Targeted console commands

Skyrim’s targeted console commands allows the player options to target an NPC or enemy to make fine-tuned, individual changes:


Code Effect
additem <ItemID> <#> Adds item to target NPC.
DamageActorValue <attribute> <amount> Lowers the given attribute by the required amount.
disable Makes the target disappear.
dispelallspells Removes spell effects from the target.
duplicateallitems <refID> After targeting an NPC, this can be used to copy their inventory to another NPC.
enable Used to make targets re-appear.
equipitem <ItemID> <#><left/right> Forces the target to equip an item, if it is in their inventory.
equipspell <SpellID> <left/right> Forces the target to equip spell <left/right> will equip the spell into the target’s the left or right hand.
forceav <AV> <#> Forces <AV> to required number represented by <#>.
GetAngle <axis> Returns the value of original rotational axis of target.
getlevel Returns the original level of the target.
getrelationshiprank <ID> Changes the affinity between two characters (-4–4). The higher the number the greater the affinity.
hasperk <ID> Returns a target’s perk based on perk ID.
kill Instantly kills target. (Essential characters just get knocked out.)
lock <#> Lock chests, doors or characters.
MarkForDelete Permanently deletes selected target. May require a save to be reloaded.
moveto player Teleports the targeted NPC to the player’s location.
openactorcontainer <#> Opens an inventory. Items within may depend on target’s affinity to the player.
playidle <ID> Makes the target do the specified action, such as a certain animation.
pushactoraway <ID> <distance> Bring the target closer to the player or push them away.
removeallitems Removes all items in the targets inventory. Use the <player> to transfer all items to player’s inventory.
resetai Resets the AI of a target.
resetinventory Restores the target’s original inventory.
resurrect <#> Resurrect a dead NPC.
setactoralpha <#> Make targets invisible or partly visible.
setessential <BaseID> <#> Make target immortal or makes them mortal again.
setfavorstate <#> 0 = inactive, 1 = active. Makes target obey player commands using cursor/mouse.
setghost <#> Makes target intangible or resets it.
setgs <attribute> <amount> Change games Settings.
setlevel <1>,<2>,<3>,<4> Sets the level of a target.
setlocationcleared <ID> <#> Sets a location as cleared/explored (1) or uncleared (0). The numerical location ID must be used.
setnpcweight <#> Sets the weight of the target or the player.
setownership <BaseID> Changes ownership of any given target/item.
setcellownership <LocationID> Marks target as owned by the player.
setrelationshiprank <refID> <#> Used to change an NPC’s affinity towards the player.
setscale <#> Sets the scale of an object. 1 being the default state.
setunconscious <#> Makes a target unconscious.
sexchange Change gender of target NPC. They keep their original head.
shp <#> Set HDR settings.
sifh <#> Toggle friendly fire/damage on or off.
unequipitem <ItemID> <#><left/right> Forces target to unequip an item in left or right hand.
unlock Unlock chest or door.
console commands spawning weapons
Console commands let the player spawn weapons and change their environment.

Quest console commands

The following Skyrim console commands make changes to the games quests and quest settings:

Code Effect
caqs Complete all quests. (Known to be buggy)
completequest <QuestID> Complete a quest. (Also buggy)
getstage <QuestID> Skip stage in given quest.
movetoqt <QuestID> Move to quest target marker
resetquest <QuestID> Resets the current quest.
saq Opens every quest in the game.
SetObjectiveCompleted <QuestID> <stage> <1 to set, 0 to unset> Set a quest stage to completed or uncompleted.
setstage <quest id> <stage value> Set the quest stage from the start.
showquesttargets Reveals all current quest IDs.
sqv <quest id> Displays all variables in given <quest id>.
player.sqs <quest id> Displays all the stages of given quest.
skyrim console commands spawning weapons and armor
Console commands can get you some top-spec armor in a flash.

Player console commands

The below console commands change the player character and their settings:

Code Effect
player.additem <ItemID> <#> Add an item to the inventory
player.addperk <PerkID> Adds the perk to the player
Addshout <ShoutID> Add shout to players skill list
player.addspell <variable> Adds a spell, disease, or power to the player.
player.advlevel Level up (without perk.)
AdvSkill <AV> <#> Gives the player desired amount of skill points to use.
animcam Allows the camera to view the player from any direction.
player.drop <ItemID> <#> This will cause the player to drop the item.
enableplayercontrols Allows player to retain control during cinematics.
player.forceav dragonsouls # Sets number of Dragon Souls the player has. Switch # with the required number.
fov <#> Change field of view. The default is 75.
IncPCS <AVskill> Increase the player’s skill points by one.
player.paycrimegold <X> <Y> <FactionID> Pay off current bounty.
player.placeatme <Item/NPCID> <#> Puts an item next to the player.
playerEnchantObject <ItemID> <mgef> <mgef> Adds item to players inventory with two magic effects.
psb Unlocks all spells and shouts.
player.removeitem <ItemID> <#> Remove an item from player’s inventory.
player.removeperk <PerkID> Removes a perk. Warning, this does not return the point used.
player.removespell <variable> Removes a spell, disease, or power from the player.
player.resethealth Refills the player’s health.
s1st Lets player experience first person and third person simultaneously. Separates player’s arms.
player.setcrimegold <#> <FactionID> Increases player’s bounty with certain faction.
player.setlevel <#> Sets player level.
SetPlayerRace <Raceid> Changes player race.
player.setscale # Changes player height.
showracemenu Modify character like at the start of the game.
player.showinventory Lists all items in the player’s inventory and their ID codes.
spf <name> Saves the player’s current face in settings.
sucsm <#> Set the speed that the free-flying camera moves.
player.teachword <wordID> Teaches a word of power to the player.
player.unlockword <shoutID> Unlocks a word of power.

Movement console commands

These Skyrim console commands allow the character to move around the map in certain ways:

Code Effect
coc <CellID> Teleports the player to the middle of a cell
cow Tamriel <X> <Y> Teleports the player to given coordinates.
player.moveto <NPCrefID> Moves player near to specified NPC.
Dragonborn armor from the DLC's promotional art
Console commands also work with the DLC packs.

Misc Skyrim console commands

Code Effect
Addfac <FactionID> <#> Adds an NPC to a faction.
csb Removes blood effects from the first person screen.
fw Forces weather to change.
GetPCMiscStat <MiscStat> Resets the miscellaneous stat of the player.
help <“Object name”> <#> Show all console commands on-screen.
killall Kills all non-essential NPC characters in the area.
load <save name> Loads the specified save file.
ModPCMiscStat <MiscStat> Modifies the current miscellaneous stat of the player.
PlayerCreatePotion <ID> <ID> <ID> Creates potion using potion ID.
qqq Quits the game instantly.
refini Refreshes game’s .ini settings without resetting them.
RemoveFac <FactionID> Removes selected NPC from a faction.
resetinterior <LocationID> Resets given cell to its original settings.
save <save name> Saves the game over an existing save.
saveini Saves the current game settings to the .ini files.
set playeranimalcount to <#> Frees non-humanoid followers to be recruited again.
set playerfollowercount to <#> Frees followers to be recruited again.
set timescale to <#> Set the speed at which time passes in-game.
sgtm <#> Changes the game speed to faster or slower.
showmessage <ID> Shows game messages in the middle of the screen.
sqo Shows all quest objectives for current quests.
sqt Opens a list of all targets for active quests.
sw <WeatherID> Change weather to preferred type.

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