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xQc reveals he could be unbanned from NoPixel GTA RP server, with a catch

Published: 27/Jun/2021 10:36

by Connor Bennett


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel could soon make his long-awaited return to NoPixel’s whitelist GTA RP server, but it’d come at the price of him staying away from crime.

xQc has had a bit of a rocky relationship with GTA RP in the past few months since NoPixel’s massive 3.0 update.

The Canadian streamer has been banned five times from the main whitelist server, but has been able to carve a path as one of the top characters on NoPixel’s new public server.

Some of his fans have been clamoring for him to make a return to the main server, but that has yet to happen, seeing as his ban is still in place. However, he’s talking to the admins about changing things.


xQc character GTA RP
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xQc had been banned multiple times before his permanent suspension.

xQc hints at return to NoPixel whitelist server

During his June 26 stream, the former Overwatch star revealed that he was talking with the NoPixel admins about making a return to the main server and leaving his criminal character, Jean Paul, on the public server.

“I chose to roleplay X, that he went to the other island. So, if I do get unbanned, I’m not playing the character,” xQc said. “He’s going to stay stuck on the other server until he decides he wants to go home.”

The Canadian noted that would mean the return of Pierre Paul, his police trainee character, but he’d have to play offline at first. “I’ll probably only play cop on it, probably off-stream too though because learning and stuff on stream is very bad,” he added.


Only playing his cop character is something fellow streamer Summit1g actually suggested after xQc got banned. It’s something he does from time to time, to cool off from the drama of playing as a criminal.

However, it’s in the hands of the NoPixel admins as to whether or not xQc returns to the main server. Plenty want him back, but others don’t, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.