Sykkuno and buddha caught up in bizarre GTA RP arrest with 'racebaiting' player - Dexerto

Sykkuno and buddha caught up in bizarre GTA RP arrest with ‘racebaiting’ player

Published: 17/Jun/2021 13:11 Updated: 17/Jun/2021 13:54

by Lauren Bergin


Sykkuno’s GTA RP characters have a fun habit of getting into trouble, but after he jokingly mispronounced another player’s name, things got a bit strange.

Despite his plans to leave the NoPixel GTA RP server for the gloriously green pastures of Minecraft, Sykkuno hasn’t abandoned Los Santos just yet.

On June 16 he was spotted traversing the city’s sunny streets with fellow GTA RP streamer, Buddha. As can be expected, the two quickly found themselves in hot water, but not for the reasons that people would think.

A playful exchange went a bit wrong, and even led to Yuno being accused of racism for mispronouncing another character’s name.


NoPixel Wiki
Yuno is still causing trouble in Los Santos, but this wasn’t quite what he had in mind.

During an exchange with two suspects that Sykkuno and Buddha’s police alter egos had pulled over, he proceeds to refer to the character as “Peedro” and “Paydro” instead of Pedro.

This is part of an ongoing gag to irritate his chat, who are quick to correct him when he mispronounces a name.

In this case, though, the joke falls flat. “Do you know if you’re saying that name correctly, by the way?” asks the driver who, after Sykkuno makes a mistake yet again, calls the streamer “disrespectful for being racist enough to say the wrong name.”

Buddha and Sykkuno quickly hit back though: “what the f**k are you rambling on you dumb motherf**ker, how is mispronouncing a name racist?”



Even as a cop Yuno manages to cause havoc, even if it isn’t exactly his fault. We’ll need to see if he continues his mispronunciations after the incident, or if he takes those English classes he mentions.

Either way, we’re just happy he’s back in GTA RP.