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Summit1g pulls off ultimate GTA RP heist with genius bait-and-switch

Published: 3/Mar/2020 12:38

by David Purcell


Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has pulled off some insane police getaways in Grand Theft Auto RP in the past, but his unbelievable bait and switch to escape a heist without a trace might be the best escape yet.

The variety Twitch streamer has been rotating between the popular roleplaying mod and Escape from Tarkov in recent weeks, promising fans that the former would freshen up his streaming sessions after hours on the latter – and boy has he been delivering.

During a broadcast on March 2, the former CSGO player wanted to see if he still had what it takes to assist a perfect escape in GTA RP, so he ran players through the plan and tried to carry it out.


GTA RP characters
Summit1g, Twitch
A lot of preparation went into this GTA RP heist, too, including choice of car, outfit and more.
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In the past, summit1g has successfully pulled off giant bank heists, stealing loot from other players, as well as other criminal activities in the RP server, although not many will have been planned to perfection like this one.

The idea was to have another player take a stash of loot, but have summit perfectly set up in a multi-storey parking loot in order to take the attention of the police away from the real culprit.

He said: “I’ll show you guys, the bait and switch. Came up with it a little while back, but obviously didn’t come up with it,” before rolling some footage that showed him using the technique in a previous stream.



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From there, it was all about pulling it off and fans waited eagerly to see what would happen. It’s fair to say that many weren’t left disappointed, either, after it all came together nicely for a perfect escape.

There were two Sultans involved in the heist, both in gray, and summit was waiting in a parking lot while the other, driven by another RP player called Chang, was out completing a heist on a jewellery store – attracting the cops in the process.

As Chang pulled into the- parking lot, packed with stolen loot, it veered off to the right at the top of one ramp and summit put his foot down fast, meaning the police followed him – the decoy – as the thief perfectly drove away free from the scene.


Perfect bait and switch in GTA RP

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Having struggled in many races in the past, the only question mark about the end of the bait and switch was whether or not summit would be able to escape the police successfully.

He sped off for a while, before pulling over for them, coming out the Sultan with his hands up and played stupid.

“I’m going to pull over, chat,” he said before stopping the car. The police officer leapt out of their vehicle and said: “Jewellery store robbery. You pulled out of the jewellery store,” before summit burst out laughing.

“I’m going to pull over”

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It didn’t take long for the police to realize they got the wrong guy and it’s fair to say that the Sheriff wasn’t best pleased by his officers’ performance.


“Get it together,” he said before throwing a slap in his direction. Another said: “You’re free to go,” leaving summit laughing his head off.

Off the hook

The streamer has enjoyed tremendous success streaming the game in the past and moments like this, which are shared endlessly by fans, that keep them coming back for more when his Charles Johnson character appears in Los Santos.

What will his next hilarious heist be? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. Many viewers will agree, though, that this was Johnson’s best performance in a long time – perhaps since his return.