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Rockstar send message to GTA Online players, promises rewards coming soon

Published: 5/Feb/2021 22:25

by Bill Cooney


Rockstar has announced new gifts for Grand Theft Auto Online fans that will be automatically delivered to players’ wardrobes in the next few weeks. 

GTA: Online is more than seven years old at this point, but according to Rockstar, 2020 was the biggest year yet for the popular online game.

To celebrate their success and the insane numbers the game racked up over the last 12 months, the publisher will be giving players two free cosmetics, and even hinted at more rewards coming soon, too.

Rockstar Games
With plenty of new events, content, and Heists, it’s safe to say 2020 was a banner year for GTA Online

According to Rockstar, “GTA Online shattered its own records once again, with more players than any previous year”— and this was definitely helped by new events like the Cayo Perico Heist, which also broke new ground as the first Heist players could go through solo.


To celebrate this record-breaking year, the publisher is giving fans two free cosmetic gifts — and teased even more new free content coming in 2021.

If you log in and play GTA Online before February 12, you’ll automatically unlock two unique pieces of in-game apparel — the Rockstar Cap and the Rockstar Rolling Tee, which will appear in your wardrobe up to 72 hours after logging in on or after February 16.

Rockstar Games
The Rockstar shirt and hat shown here will be given for free to players who log in before Feb 12.

According to the release from Rockstar though, this is just the tip of the iceberg for free GTA: Online content coming in 2021.

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“Keep a look out for more celebratory events in the near future for the chance to score new gear, bonus GTA$ and a free vehicle in GTA Online,” the publisher teased, although at this point we have no idea what the free vehicle will consist of.


So, if you haven’t played GTA Online yet, or are thinking about hopping back in again after awhile, there’s never been more content or things to do. So gear up, and we’ll see you in San Andreas for 2021.