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Rockstar Games trolls GTA Online players with worst vehicle discount ever

Published: 25/Jun/2021 20:50

by Bill Cooney


Any savvy GTA Online player knows it’s better to pick up vehicles on sale rather than paying full price like some kind of chump, but a new “deal” on the Baller LE SUV isn’t exactly wowing anyone.

Rockstar constantly has any number of discounts available on in-game items, including vehicles for players to purchase and use.

This allows you to pick up vehicles for far less than the original asking price, but a recent sale on the Gallivanter Baller LE SUV has left some players scratching their heads, as it doesn’t actually seem to be a discount at all.


Rockstar Games
Instead of paying $374k for the Baller, you’ll only pay…. $374k…. wait a minute…

As you can see in the screenshot of the Legendary Motorsports website above, Rockstar has generously slashed the price of the Baller LE from $374,000 to… $374,000. A discount of exactly 0%, and one that really makes you wonder why it was even included in the first place.

“What a Baller discount,” one clever GTA player said on Twitter, and we’d be laughing too, if this ‘discount that’s not actually a discount at all’ weren’t so on-brand for what we’ve come to expect from Rockstar lately.

But, there is an explanation that actually makes sense as to why the Baller has such a ridiculous ‘bargain’ price. That price is actually for the armored edition which isn’t discounted, but the unarmored standard edition is.


The base model Baller LE is just under 50% off, costing $89,400 instead of the full $149,000 for the vehicle. Since both versions are the same car, Rockstar apparently had to apply a “discount” for the armored edition along with the unarmored.

Rockstar Games
See, now this discount actually makes sense.

Of course, the base-model Baller won’t stand up to enemy fire near as well as the armored edition, so besides looking like a baller, it doesn’t offer much more utility than that.

There are even cheaper cars, that perform better off-road than the Baller does, as it’s unarmored version will literally begin to disintegrate if you take it off of paved roads, and that’s without being shot at.

On the other hand, the fully armored Baller is a beast that can take plenty of punishment, and will have enough room to hold your entire crew during heists or missions. Still, it’s probably worth waiting for it to actually be on sale before buying.