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Lester finally earns his cut after mysteriously appearing in GTA Online heists

Published: 21/Sep/2021 2:50 Updated: 21/Sep/2021 3:00

by Bill Cooney


Lester is the infamous brains behind the operation in GTA V and Online, but now he’s apparently showing up as a player character skin in some heist lobbies.

Every GTA player, whether they prefer online or campaign play, probably knows who Lester Crest is. He always seems to be there setting up the next big score from the shadows, but now it looks like he’s finally getting in on the action himself.

Now, he’s not officially appearing in GTA Online missions, but it seems some players have managed to reskin their characters with Lester’s model, resulting in some hilarious lobbies.


Lester in GTA Online
Lester, what are you doing in the lobby?

Yes, we would definitely say that looks like Lester, who seems to be much more mobile than we see in the campaign and cutscenes. If you’re just queuing up to run some missions, it would be pretty funny to see this pop up.

The picture above was posted to the GTA Online subreddit before being removed by mods, probably because of the way this player changed into Lester.

Just check out their name “RockstarManager” and it quickly becomes clear that this player is probably modding or hacking in some way to make the change, which is probably why Reddit mods deleted it as well.


Lester GTA 5
Rockstar Games
But, what if you could cosplay as Lester and other characters in GTA Online, legitimately?

There are plenty of outfits and clothing you can rock in GTA Online, so why doesn’t Rockstar let players run around as personalities from the game’s story? For one, many of them are also featured in Online and it would also get pretty confusing.

Lester features prominently in missions in both modes, so having the player character be a clone of the schemer would look odd in a lot of cutscenes, to say the least.