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How to get Panther Statue from GTA Online Cayo Perico heist

Published: 5/Feb/2021 10:11

by Connor Bennett


The Panther statue is the most lucrative target in the Cayo Perico heist, with plenty of GTA Online fans confused about how and when to get it. Here’s what you need to know.

The majority of Grand Theft Auto Online’s have had a pretty linear structure. You identify a target, charge in, and steal it before evading the police and getting out of there.

That changed with the Diamond Casino heist as Rockstar Games added a few little wrinkles in terms of how you approach the robbery. They took things up a notch with Cayo Perico as well, letting you perform the heist as a solo player.


One thing that the two heists have in common is the fact that you can go after different targets. In the Diamond Casino heists, actual diamonds are the best thing you can go after, whereas that regard goes to the Panther statue in Cayo Perico.

GTA Online Cayo perico el rubio character
Rockstar Games
The Cayo Perico heist is all about GTA Online’s new character, El Rubio.

How to get Black Panther statue target in Cayo Perico heist

Getting your hands on either target is not easy. You have to wait for Rockstar Games to make them live, and that only comes during a special event week. Though, some players have used exploits to get them early too.

These special event weeks are announced by Rockstar during their weekly Thursday updates, and the next one is around Valentine’s Day.


Valentines Day was actually the first time Diamonds had an increased chance of appearing in the Casino heist. And that looks to be the case with the Panther Statue. It’ll be an easy process once it goes live. Just select the statue as your target, and hop into the heist.

  1. Select the Panther Statue as your heist target (when its live)
  2. Select your approach for the Cayo Perico heist
  3. Jump into the heist
  4. Steal the statue!

As for how much it’ll be worth, the Diamonds have been worth a whopping $3,290,000 on normal, so we should see the statue eclipse that. Cayo Perico is the most lucrative heist, after all.

However, as of writing, it is just a case of waiting for the target to go live. Rockstar hasn’t confirmed it yet, but all signs are pointing toward it going live soon.


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