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How to get and repair FIB cars in GTA Online

Published: 7/Aug/2020 11:26 Updated: 7/Aug/2020 11:56

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto Online players who want to masquerade as the police or FIB can actually do so, but it takes a bit of effort. Here’s how you can easily steal their vehicles. 

Even though there’s a huge variety of cars that you can steal or buy in GTA Online, some players just chase after the ones that they shouldn’t have.

Some of these players want ‘hacked’ cars that only modders can get their hands on, but for others, they chase after the police and military. It can be simple to get some of these. Just call the police up, take them out, and steal their car – but what about the bigger, meaner cars of the FIB?

Well, there are ways for you to get them, get rid of your wanted level, and keep the car repaired for quite a while. You just need to have a bit of luck on your hands. 


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There are a vast amount of cars in GTA Online, some are more sought after than others.

How to repair FIB cars in GTA Online

The tip comes from Reddit user iiEco-Ryan3166, who pointed out that the some of the cars are simple to get. Call up the police in a certain area or get a high enough wanted level, take them down, and then drive away. Others, however, present more of a challenge. 

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Take the Police Transporter as an example. You’ve got to get a four-star wanted level, find a roadblock, and then steal it there. Obviously, police stack these roadblocks so they’ll gun you down.

If you get one though, to repair it, you’ll need a bit of luck. As the Redditor notes, you can drive to an Arm Wrestling match and park the car inside. Get out, spam the interact button, leave the job, run away, and spin the camera five times. If luck is on your side, the car will be fixed. 


How to obtain police / FIB vehicles, and how to repair them. from gtaonline

Of course, the whole thing centers around luck if you want the bigger and better police vehicles, especially if you want to keep them repaired throughout the session. 

You can, obviously, settle for less, but where is the fun in that?