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Handy GTA Online trick removes sticky bombs & proximity mines nearby

Published: 4/Aug/2020 11:30

by Jacob Hale


Equipment such as sticky bombs and proximity mines can be super handy in GTA Online — but what if you want to remove ones you’ve placed?

Utility like these can be helpful in a multitude of situations, especially when you need to gain an advantage over opposing players or counter an Oppressor MK2.

But, sometimes, after placing them, you might realize you no longer want them there — perhaps you now need to take the car you had planned on blowing up, for example, or your proximity mine now serves absolutely no purpose.


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The frustrating thing about these types of weapons, though, is that you can’t just pick them back up. You can’t place them back in your inventory, and the only way to remove them is seemingly to simply let them explode.

That isn’t actually the case though, as players have discovered a way to remove nearby sticky bombs, proximity mines, flares and more — and it’s actually really easy.

Here’s what you have to do to remove any deployable equipment you’ve dropped nearby, as shown by mister_henbe:

  1. Stand near deployed utility (sticky bomb, proximity mine etc.).
  2. Bring up the character select screen.
  3. Choose a story mode character.
  4. Cancel the switch (B on Xbox One, Circle on PS4).
  5. Nearby equipment should have now disappeared.

PSA: Switching to a story mode character then pressing B to cancel it will remove any sticky bombs, proximity mines, and flares you’ve placed nearby from r/gtaonline

It’s worth remembering that when doing this trick, the equipment disappears completely. It doesn’t slide back into your inventory, it falls into the abyss and is gone permanently, so you’ll have to spend a bit of money to replace them.


It’s also mentioned in the comments of the original Reddit post that you can achieve the same goal if you enter a building, but depending on where you are this might not always be possible.