GTA RP streamer Whippy moves out of actual shed thanks to Twitch success – Dexerto

GTA RP streamer Whippy moves out of actual shed thanks to Twitch success

Published: 7/Mar/2021 17:59

by Luke Edwards


Twitch streamer Whippy has had a change in fortunes with the rise of NoPixel GTA RP, with a rise in viewership allowing the streamer to move out of his mum’s shed and into a house of his own.

With all the controversy around xQc in the NoPixel GTA RP server, it’s good to see the trend help bring about a success story.

One such story is that of Australian Twitch streamer Whippy, who has seen his viewership more than double in recent times. Whippy, whose character Dundee has been RPing with the likes of xQc, was raided by Sykkuno after their characters decided to team up.

While for many streamers GTA and GTA RP is very much a trend, it has been Whippy’s dedicated game since his channel launched in 2016. The Australian has streamed the game for over 5,300 hours, but his average viewership has more than doubled with the recent NoPixel popularity.

GTA no pixel
Rockstar Games
GTA RP on NoPixel has been massively popular on Twitch in 2021.

During the Sykkuno raid, Whippy explained how this boost in popularity has drastically changed his fortunes.

“So long story short, chat, I live in a shed because my mum is in debt,” he explained. “She got kinda screwed over by my dad, who got a loan out on a house and then moved out of that house, put the loan on her and is no longer making payments.

“She can’t afford the house so I have to help her. Without me, she goes homeless, so even when I move out I have to pay two rents.

“So essentially, I have to have a lot of cash flow for me to move out, and to do my streaming gig I have to live in a shed with a tin roof. With all the support recently, I’ve actually been able to afford to pay mum’s rent, and move out.”

His story shows both the transformative power streaming can have on people’s lives, and how big streamers building hype towards a certain game can unearth relatively unknown streaming talents.

Whether Whippy’s success on GTA RP will continue to grow remains to be seen, but if he carries on at this rate, he could end up becoming one of the biggest breakthrough streamers of 2021.