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GTA RP streamer Lyndi slams “immature” Valkyrae viewers over NoPixel relationship drama

Published: 25/Jul/2021 23:49

by Julian Young


In another bout of GTA RP drama, viewers claimed Twitch partner Lyndi trash-talked Valkyrae — something Lyndi vehemently denied, going so far as to call out the individuals for their behavior, labeling them a “virus” in the NoPixel community.

One of the most important parts of the GTA RP experience — for both streamers and their viewers — are the various interactions and relationships that pop up and fizzle out amongst the RP’ers.

The NoPixel RP server is no different, and with so many blockbuster personalities like xQc, Summit1g, and Valkyrae, there are bound to be plenty of exciting and entertaining moments — even if they aren’t planned, or even wanted.


Unfortunately, Valkyrae found herself in the center of NoPixel’s latest drama as some of her viewers flooded into Twitch partner Lyndi’s stream and began harassing her — all because of a love potion the YouTube star gave to another GTA RP player, RatedEpicz.

The interaction that set things off occurred when Valkyrae’s NoPixel character, ‘Ray Mond’ talked RatedEpicz’s character, ‘Randy Bullet,’ into drinking a love potion she had created.

After some back-and-forth banter about drinking the concoction, Randy finally agreed and downed the whole bottle, with Ray Mond cheering him on the whole time. “Wow, this tastes great,” he remarked after finishing off the potion.


Immediately after, Valkyrae revealed her ultimate plan. “I put a piece of hair in it,” she remarked, to which Epicz replied “Whose hair?” The YouTuber responded quickly with “my hair” and then exclaimed, “Randy, you’re officially my first [NoPixel] boyfriend!”

While this interaction seemed harmless enough, things quickly took a turn when viewers flooded into Lyndi’s channel, and their intentions soon became clear as they started accusing the streamer of talking down about Valkyrae.

Lyndi’s NoPixel character, ‘Violet van Housen,’ had previously been Randy Bullet’s boyfriend, and many viewers began to insinuate that Lyndi was now upset because of Ray Mond’s new relationship with van Housen’s ex.


The streamer was quick to blast the viewers for their “immature” actions, and defended herself in the face of their accusations. “I have never said anything bad about Valkyrae, I f**king love Valkyrae” she fired back. “I’m so sorry you guys are so obsessed with two streamers in a f**king RP game getting together,” she went on, “but you guys really need to grow the f**k up.”

She continued pushing back on the accusations: “I’ve never said anything bad about [anyone], as their [real-life] person, or even in roleplay.” She also slammed the viewers for the negative impact they have on the GTA RP community, and confirmed that neither herself, nor Valkyrae, or RatedEpicz wanted anything to do with them.


While GTA RP’ers aim to create a feeling of investment with their viewers, this is the latest example of how some community members can leave a bad taste in the mouths of both their fellow NoPixel fans, and the streamers they watch, by taking things too far.