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GTA Online players suggest change to Oppressor MK2 bike to defeat trolls

Published: 21/Sep/2021 14:58

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online players have suggested some pretty drastic changes for the Oppressor MK2 bikes that would help stop trolls ruining lobbies.

Anyone who has dropped into a chaotic public lobby in GTA Online will have crossed paths with an Oppressor MK2. The deadly hoverbike is the vehicle of choice for many players who want to get around Los Santos in a flash.

While the hoverbike – more commonly referred to as the Boomstick – is a nifty way to get around, it is also the vehicle of choice for trolls.

Its homing missiles and lightning speed make it the perfect weapon to ruin someone’s day without facing any repercussions. Longtime GTA Online players have come up with numerous counters to the bikes, but some want Rockstar to put their foot down.


Oppressor MK2
Rockstar Games
The Oppressor MK2 is one of the most sought after vehicles in GTA Online.

A poll from Redditor  Bobson_411, which questioned if the devs should remove the homing missiles from the Oppressor MK2 bikes, saw a majority vote in favor of the changes.

“Toning down the viability of the Oppressor MKII would increase the variety of vehicles seen in GTAO by a significant amount,” the Grand Theft Auto fan said, which other fans quickly backed.

“If the MK2 missiles would have the same tracking as the buzzard missiles you still would be able to use the MK2 for PvE content as long as you know how to use it. It would become a lot more easier to dodge them as a player,” suggested one fan. “I say remove from locking onto players but don’t remove when doing cargo/supply missions,” agreed another.


Would you be upset if homing missiles were removed from the Oppressor MKII? from gtaonline

Obviously, not everyone is a fan of the suggested changes, given it can be the perfect vehicle and weapon to grind with. “The problem isn’t the oppressor but the people using it to grief,” said one. “People would just grief using the Deluxo then,” added another.

Of course, it’s unlikely that Rockstar would want to make such drastic changes, but with the expanded and enhanced next-gen port of GTA Online promising vehicle changes, some sort of tweak may be in order at least.