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GTA Online players don’t know what to make of mysterious object in sky

Published: 26/Oct/2021 1:14

by Bill Cooney


A mysterious blue orb has appeared in the skies above San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto Online players aren’t exactly sure what to make of it.

October has been chock-full of weird occurrences in GTA Online. UFOs floating in the sky, homicidal cars, and killer clowns were all added for Halloween.

But now a new mystery has popped up: a strange blue orb floating in the sky. You have to look close or you’ll miss it entirely, but it definitely seems to be up there.

That’s no moon!

Blue planet in the sky? Has anyone else seen this from gtaonline

At first you can barely see it as it blends in, but after being zoomed in on you can actually spot something in the regular sky. It does look blue and it does look big, but other then that exactly what it is is currently one of GTA Online’s biggest guessing games.


It sort of resembles Neptune, but Rockstar adding a gas giant to the skies above San Andreas wouldn’t really make much sense. That is, unless we’re getting an actual outer space heist soon.

Except for the fact it changes when zoomed in on with the sniper scope, it could almost be mistaken for lens flare as well. Some players on Reddit jokingly suggested it was the Orbital Cannon Mk. 2 returning, this time in Death Star mode.

Rockstar Games
The orbital cannon was first added for the Dooomsday Heist, could it be coming back?

Still others suggested it could just be a graphical glitch for the actual, in-game moon, showing up as a blue placeholder instead of the regular thing.


Whatever it is, it might not be a bad idea to keep your eyes to the sky for any future updates following the Halloween event. Who knows? Maybe we’ll finally be heading to the final frontier after all of these years.