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GTA Online player makes terrifying discovery after trying to shoot down UFO

Published: 17/Oct/2021 21:49

by Julian Young


Rockstar upped their teaser game for the Halloween Surprise 2021 event by adding a mysterious UFO to GTA Online. Now, one player uncovered an unsettling Easter Egg after attempting to shoot down the alien vehicle.

The Halloween season means spooky events all across the gaming industry, and Rockstar is making sure their fans don’t feel left out by hosting a mysterious Halloween Surprise event in GTA Online.

The developer first teased the event with a cryptic message on Twitter, which was soon followed by actual UFO appearances. Fans were shocked after a mysterious flying saucer began to appear over various POIs in Los Santos.


As if the sudden appearance of this alien vehicle wasn’t unsettling enough, one GTAO player uncovered an even more sinister teaser after taking matters into their own hands and trying to shoot down the UFO with the game’s deadly Orbital Cannon.

GTA Online UFO Locations Halloween Teaser
Reddit: 'u/Rhi093' / Rockstar Games
There’s a new UFO in Los Santos, and this one isn’t stuck underwater.

The player in question shared their unsettling discovery on Reddit in the form of a short clip, and explained that “I tried to Orbital Cannon the UFO and this happened.”

In the video, they can be seen targeting the alien invader with the cannon — one of GTAO‘s deadliest weapons, which insta-kills players when hitting them (outside of a few rare exceptions). If any weapon could take down the UFO, it would probably be this one.


Despite landing a clean hit, the player’s efforts seemed to be in vain, as the vehicle ended up surviving the deadly blast without so much as a single scratch. The worst was still to come, however.

I tried to orbital cannon the UFO and this happened. from gtaonline

After exiting the cannon’s targeting screen, a countdown timer appeared, which seemed to indicate that someone (or something) was firing back. As the timer reached zero, the command center shook and debris could be heard raining down — the UFO had returned fire!

Other players were amazed by the shocking turn of events. “I genuinely thought the UFO was about to Obliterate you in retaliation,” one comment read. “Did the UFO take over your Orbital Cannon and shoot at your facility?” a second layer asked, before remarking “What the f**k dude!”


Fans also speculated that this could be a hint of what Rockstar has in store for the full GTA Online Halloween event. “We are in trouble,” read another comment.

With the Halloween Surprise event likely kicking off on October 28, players will have to wait a bit longer to see just what Rockstar has planned. In the meantime, you can chase down that UFO, and even try taking it down yourself  — but it doesn’t seem to appreciate being shot at.