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GTA Online leak reveals scrapped vehicles and content from summer update

Published: 22/Aug/2020 17:26

by Connor Bennett


Scrapped Grand Theft Auto Online files have revealed some of the plans Rockstar Games had up their sleeve for the Los Santos Summer Special update before deciding against releasing them. 

After weeks of waiting, Rockstar Games finally revealed their annual summer update on August 11, releasing a whole host of content through the Los Santos Summer Special event. 

Inside the new update, GTA Online fans have been able to make use of their Super Galaxy Yachts with a batch of new jobs, spend wads of cash on the 15 new vehicles, and battle it out in new adversary mode missions. 

The summer updates have typically never been full to the brim with content, with Rockstar usually having other plans – including a winter update before 2020 draws to a close – the devs seemingly had a whole load of other plans that were eventually scrapped. 


Rockstar Games
There is a tonne of new content in the Los Santos Summer Special update.

WildBrick142 laid out a lengthy Twitter thread of things that were scrapped from the update, with it all centering around customing vehicles – mainly cars and motorbikes. 

Some of the scrapped things included roof scoops, side skirts, new variants for truck beds, and custom engine. Though, the biggest bit of content that was scrapped was a new variant of the Surfer van alongside a Sea Sparrow and Cargo Bob.

“Surfer3, found by @TezFunz2. Listed as a part of this DLC in the creator scripts,” the game designer tweeted. “Most likely a custom/Benny’s variant of the Surfer.”

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Given that it’s purely files and strings of code, there’s no telling what the new variant would have looked like. Though, given the popularity of the Surfer van with some GTA Online players, it seems like something that would have sold like crazy – especially if it was Benny mod.


With the Surfer being such a beach and summer-related vehicle, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see it in-game unless the devs decide to resurrect it and bring it out sometime soon.