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GTA Online is giving out the wrong Prime Gaming rewards in-game

Published: 13/Jun/2021 11:43

by Connor Bennett


Rockstar Games routinely rotate out their GTA Online Prime Gaming rewards for members, but the latest rollout hasn’t exactly gone to plan.

For the longest time, Rockstar Games have been giving GTA Online players some free rewards and bonuses each week with different updates.

These bonuses can come in the form of free cash, free cars, a discounted property, or some free chips at the casino, among other things. On top of those bonuses from Rockstar, if you have a Prime Gaming account, you can also score more.

However, with the most recent weekly update, it seems like Rockstar has made a misstep and advertised the wrong bonuses for Prime Gaming members.


GTA Online cash with the Twitch Prime logo on top
Rockstar Games
Prime Gaming members can benefit more than most in GTA Online.

In the June 10 update, Rockstar’s Newswire noted that the Prime Gaming benefits for this week came in the form of a free 100,000, 80% off the Sugoi car, and 70% off the Valkyrie helicopter.

Yet, as noted by well-known Rockstar leaker TezFunz2, these rewards aren’t right at all – aside from the free 100,000 of in-game cash.

Instead, Prime Gaming members can get 80% off the Bestia GTS, 80% off the 190z care, as well as 60% off the Nimbus.

Some players complained about Rockstar getting things wrong and suggested that the rewards were not good enough. Many focused their frustrations on the free 100,000, given that you can’t buy all that much with that.


Others suggested that maybe they’d added the new rewards a little too soon, and they were, perhaps, meant to come at a later date – given they weren’t mentioned in the Newswire update.

Either way, if you’re a Prime Gaming member, what is listed above from Tez is what you can get this time around, not what Rockstar is advertising.