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GTA Online: Fastest ways to make money with an Arcade

Published: 8/Jun/2020 13:50 Updated: 29/Jan/2021 11:46

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online is awash with different ways for players to make money. One of the most entertaining ways comes in the form of the Arcade business as you, literally, do nothing at all. 

Arcades were introduced to GTA Online back on December 12, as they became the backdrop for the Diamond Casino heist. You can rock up and chill out in your gaming paradise, but the most fun is to be had underground in the heist planning area. 

As players have found out, the arcade isn’t just for show or another place to store vehicles. You can play mini-games on the different arcade cabinet machines and even make a bit of cash from them as well. If you want to turn your gaming hub into a business empire, here’s how you do so. 


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Image of the Pixel Pete
Rockstar Games
You will need to own the arcade property to start the GTA Diamond Casino heist.

How to get an arcade in GTA Online

You can buy an arcade for anywhere between $1,235,000 and $2,530,000 in GTA Online – or claim one for free by connecting your Twitch Prime account to Rockstar Social Club, if you haven’t done so already. 

Like the Motorcycle Club businesses, you can only start your arcade via a public session as you have to pick up some starter machines and take them to the arcade. By doing so, your arcade business will start making money in the background as a passive business. 

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Image of an arcade in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Pixel Pete’s Arcade can be claimed for free in GTA Online.

How to make the most money possible from arcades in GTA Online

Now, the arcades aren’t going to have you rolling in money like the passive business for the CEO or Motorcycle Club. It is a bit more of a hard slog than that.


Yes, you can fill your arcade with free machines and make around $3000 per in-game day (nearly an hour of real-world time) but you will have to invest in others. A fully completed arcade will net you roughly $6000 per hour. Though, you will have to spend a staggering $3,767,000 to get every machine.

GTA Online Arcade money-making stats based on a Twitch Prime arcade purchase.

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As pointed out by gtamaxprofit, it will take around 628 hours to make all your money back if you get an arcade for free and then invest the full $3,767,000 on the machines. 

Obviously, not everyone has that sort of cash laying around so the arcade might not be seen as a worthwhile investment. If you want to earn quick cash in other ways, be sure to check out our guide here.