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GTA 6 map concept shows how a return to London could look

Published: 21/Mar/2020 14:56 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 7:48

by Connor Bennett


An all-new concept map has shown what London could look like if Rockstar Games chooses to take the franchise back to its roots and make the UK the chosen setting for GTA 6.

With Grand Theft Auto fans becoming expectant of an announcement about GTA VI, speculation and teases have been ramping up. Supposed insiders have claimed that details about the game will finally be dropped on March 25, though, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Even though many fans and rumors have speculated that the game will be returning to the Miami-inspired setting of Vice City, others have been coming with their own ideas for the next map – including a mash-up of a few classic GTA locations and even heading to South America.


Rockstar Games
Los Santos has become a well trodden location for GTA players.

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Yet, one fan has chosen to throw it back even further than Vice City, hoping that Rockstar Games chooses to take the game back to where it all began – London. 

The concept map was posted by GRMDaily, showing how the capital of the United Kingdom would look as an up-to-date map for Grand Theft Auto 6 – with named areas like The City of Westminster, Lambeth, and Southwark. 

While the map does have a few icons that might represent missions or activities, as well as an ‘alpha build’ message in the bottom right-hand corner, it’s unlikely to be a leak that has slipped out of Rockstar’s grasp. For one, the developer never uses real city names, so they probably wouldn’t use the City of Westminster as a location.


The concept map has a handful of icons on that could look like missions or other activities in GTA.

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Across the Thames River, which seems to have all it’s iconic bridges in place as well, eagle-eyed fans might notice that the London Stadium – used to host the 2012 Olympics and home to West Ham United – has its own place in the Lambeth area. 

Again, though, those sort of landmarks are rarely used by Rockstar in their development, as they put their own twist on landmarks, sports stadiums, and iconic buildings.

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Fans might well welcome a new location, seeing as Los Santos and Liberty City have been focal points for four of the last five games in the GTA series.


However, it remains to be seen where GTA 6 will go with rumors swirling around Vice City, South America, and even a multi-nation game.