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GTA 5 Casino griefer gets ultimate karma on the Lucky Wheel

Published: 17/Feb/2021 11:54

by James Busby


GTA 5’s Diamond Casino offers players plenty of ways to win big cash payouts and luxury prizes. However, just like every multiplayer game, there a few players who are out to cause trouble. 

While it’s inevitable that you’ll come across online trolls when playing online in GTA 5, there are times where you just don’t expect it. After all, meeting a grizzly end while tearing through the crime-infested streets of Los Santos is all a part of the experience. In fact, it’s a rare occasion if you don’t manage to catch a bullet from a fellow player. 


However, one area many players don’t expect to get griefed is in the game’s Casino. This glitzy gambling hub features everything from slot machines, roulette wheels, and track horse racing.

Not only do these mini-games give players the opportunity to win huge amounts of money, they can also offer a brief respite from the game’s most notorious trolls. However, one player quickly found that this wasn’t the case. 

Diamond Casino in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
GTA Online’s casino can net you plenty of money if you’re lucky.

GTA 5 trolling gone wrong

One of the most popular mini-games available in GTA Online’s Diamond Casino is the Lucky Wheel.

This wheel can be spun once every real-life 24 hours and offers players the chance to win everything from cash prizes to luxury cars. As a result, many players often head over to the Casino every day in order to try their luck at winning it big. 


Unfortunately, Reddit user littleolemanboy quickly found that this simple task would become frustratingly difficult. In order to spin the Lucky Wheel, only one player can be near the activity at one time. This makes it particularly difficult to access should another player be nearby. 

Dude kept blocking my spin for 5 minutes after he took his. He played himself. Don’t be a Douche. from gtaonline

Littleolemanboy quickly found that this was the case when another GTA Online player began to constantly block them from using the Lucky Wheel. Every time littleolemanboy attempted to spin the wheel, they were instantly blocked from accessing the machine. 

This back and forth carried on for five minutes before the troll eventually slipped up, giving littleolemanboy just enough time to spin the wheel. The wheel began cycling through a the various prizes before finally landing on the podium vehicle.


Not only had littleolemanboy beaten this annoying troll, they also got the added bonus of rubbing it in their face. The Lucky Wheel winner proudly strolled up to the troll and began to cheer, while the frustrated griefer flipped him off. It’s certainly safe to say that this online troll played themselves.