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Cryptic GTA 6 ‘2021’ teaser discovered in GTA Online

Published: 3/Aug/2020 13:19 Updated: 5/Aug/2020 13:08

by Connor Bennett


The theories surrounding the dates on certain doors around the Los Santos Airport has been brought up by GTA Online players again. But, are they really hinting at GTA 6’s potential launch date? 

Even though Rockstar Games haven’t given any indication about GTA 6 coming soon, that hasn’t stopped Grand Theft Auto fans searching high and low for potential clues.

Out of the game, players have found retailers who have supposed release dates listed, while in-game, they’re linking all sorts of hints to GTA 6. The biggest, outside of the Casino heist referencing dates, comes in the way of the doors at the Los Santos airport.


There are a collection of these security doors that have dates on. A few say 2013 – which is when GTA V was released – but others points to the future.

GTA V airport
Rockstar Games
Rockstar love leaving hints around GTA’s airports.

It’s not too far into the future, however. Head to the security gate on the right side of the airport, drive on through and follow the painted road until you see two sets of spiral stairs. There, under the second set of stairs are some doors.

Six of these all have 2021 stamped across them. Nothing else, no hint at a month or even a particular day, but just the year 2021. Others, as we’ve already noted, point to 2013. 


Of course, these numbers could very well just be random and link to quite literally anything, but some fans are certain that they are related to GTA 6 rather than say an expansion for GTA V or even a new title like Bully 2.

GTA Online character looking at a door
Screenshot via GTA V
Six doors with 2021 have got fan theories running wild.

Rockstar has, in the past, dropped small hints like this into GTA games before the next one is released. Back in GTA IV, there were adverts around Liberty City airport for flights to Los Santos.

However, the iconic devs haven’t given any hint at GTA 6 yet and are working on adding new content to GTA Online with two new updates. So, we’ll just have to wait and see if this theory ends up being correct or not.