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How to get Sango Pearls in Genshin Impact (Kokomi Ascension material)

Published: 22/Sep/2021 10:14

by James Busby


Sango Pearls are one of the main Ascension items that are needed to level up Kokomi, so find out where you can find them. 

Sangonomiya Kokomi is the latest 5-star Hydyro character that has made a splash in the Gernshin Impact the 2.1 update. Whether you’re looking to spend your hard-earned Primogems on the Kokomi banner or already have the supportive Catalyst user, you’ll need plenty of materials to level up the resistance fighter. 

Sango Pearls are one of the most used materials in Kokomi’s Ascension. These pink pearls are located in the game’s Inazuma region, but finding them can be a little tricky. Fortunately,  Sango Pearls can be found in abundance and it shouldn’t take you long to farm them. 


If you wish to maximize Kokomi’s healing potential and damage, then be sure to take note of the Sango Pearl locations. 


How to find Sango Pearls in Genshin Impact

Sango Pearls location Genshin Impact
Sango Pearls can be found amongst the coral in Watatsumi Island.

Finding Sango Pearls in Genshin Impact is very easy once you know exactly what to look out for.

Here’s where you can locate Sango Pearls in Genshin Impact: 

  1. Open your map. 
  2. Find Watatsumi Island on your map (west of Yashiori Island).
  3. Travel to the northern warp stone and head directly south. 
  4. Locate the Sango Pearls that are scattered amongst the colorful corals. 
  5. Click the interact button to harvest the Sango Pearls.

Each shell contains one Sango Pearl, which makes farming these materials a particularly lengthy process. You’ll need 168 Sango Pearls in total to ascend Kokomi to her maximum level, so be sure to scour Watatsumi Island until you harvest them all.

All Sango Pearl locations in Genshin Impact

Sango Pearl location
Sango Pearls can be found in the locations above.

Make sure you use the map above to find every Sango Pearl and level up Kokomi as fast as possible. There are several pearls scattered throughout each location, so be sure to keep scour each area carefully.


So, there you have it, all the locations you can find Sango Pearls in Genshin Impact. If you’re after the best Kokomi build or just wish to know more about upcoming content, then check out our other Genshin Impact guides:

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