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xQc rages as Star Wars Battlefront stream snipers cost him wins

Published: 25/Jan/2021 16:59

by Alex Garton


In a recent livestream, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s online matches in Star War Battlefront II were filled with stream snipers, desperate to get their username shown on his screen.

Despite a shaky release period for EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II, after multiple patches and updates, the game has become a solid FPS title. In January of this year, the game became free on the Epic Games Store for a limited period of time. Not only did this give the game a boost in population, but it also encouraged a lot of high-profile streamers to give the title a go.


One of which included Twitch personality xQc, who decided to stream the game after he thought it’d provide some great content for his viewers. Unfortunately, however, his games were filled with stream snipers, and it’s fair to say he wasn’t too pleased with them blocking his view in-game.

Star Wars map
Star Wars Battlefront II was released in November, 2017.

xQc rages at stream snipers on Star Wars Battlefront II

On xQc’s January 24 stream, he decided it’d be fun to play something different and try out EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II. Initially, it was obvious xQc was really enjoying the game and having a lot of fun with it.

Unfortunately, it’s a little difficult to concentrate when you have five players jumping in front of your screen the entire match. In this case, xQc was not in the mood to deal with the stream snipers and he made it very clear they were annoying him: “Ok! You’re on screen! Congrats! Your name is on a screen! Nobody asked!”


Despite his frustration, xQc realized after a while that a lot of the stream snipers were just trying to help him by blocking bullets with the Jedi heroes. Although they were just trying to stop him from being killed, they were unknowingly losing the match for their team.

In the end, xQc addressed them directly and politely asked them to help him win the match: “yo snipers, listen, I know you’re trying to be nice and help me, dude, by holding the bullets with your sword, but we’re gonna lose the game because your heroes are too useful.”


Stream snipers are nothing new for xQc, though. He encounters them on all most every single online game he plays whilst live. Although sometimes it’s just easy to ignore them, on games like Battlefront, they can completely ruin the gameplay experience.

Luckily, after xQc addressed them directly, a lot of the snipers appeared to stop. However, it does show how frustrating stream snipers are for big Twitch personalities and how much of a negative influence they can have on a stream.