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Who is Dead by Daylight’s New Killer? Everything you need to know

Published: 12/Sep/2021 23:50

by Nick Farrell


Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular games to check out with friends right now, and the online portion features two sides to the table — Killer and survivor — and the former has just had another character added to its roster! 

The widely successful Dead by Daylight has been soaring in recent years, as the game has been consistently maintained over the years with new updates and content for players to dive into.

One of the frequent additions in the game has been new killers for players to try out. For those who don’t know, killers are one of the sides you’ll get to play during a match, and you’ll be locked in first-person perspective, while you try and hunt down the three survivors.


All killers within the game offer special perks and attributes that can be used to your advantage, and it’s good to know the newest killer within DBD.

We’re going to run over the latest killer added into the game along when we think the next one will drop!


DBD Pinhead
Behaviour Interactive
Pinhead was the latest killer added into the game.

Who’s the newest killer in DBD?

Dead by Daylight added a new killer into the roster on September 7, 2021, with the addition of Pinhead, who joins the vast amount of characters that fans have grown to love from horror films and other media platforms.

The addition of Pinhead is one that fans were eager to see, and his character is certainly a spooky one, and we’re bound to see some crazy plays over the coming months.


But, we’re also going to jump into when we think the next killer could be coming to DBD based on previous release dates.

When is the next killer releasing for Dead by Daylight?

All killers in Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive
DBD has been consistently adding new killers for players to experiment with.

While there isn’t any concrete information into when the new killer for Dead by Daylight is going to release, we could expect a new one sometime in the next couple of months.

So, we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled in the coming months for news surrounding the upcoming killers in DBD, but there’s no doubt it’ll be a creepy one for sure!