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When is Bloodhunt coming to console?

Published: 19/Oct/2021 17:21 Updated: 19/Oct/2021 17:22

by Lauren Bergin


While Vampire: The Masquerade’s new battle royale, Bloodhunt, is already available in Early Access form to PC players, but what are the release dates for PS5 and XBOX?

Vampire: The Masquerade is a must-play for fans of all things dark and spooky, but its new spinoff title, Bloodhunt, brings the clans together in a battle royale to the death.

Set in the dark, rainy streets of Prague, Czechia, PC players have already been spending their nights mastering the title’s three playable clans and ripping their enemies to shreds.

In the wake of the PlayStation showcase, however, it’s been revealed that Bloodhunt will be coming to PS5, so here’s everything you need to know about the game’s console release date.



Bloodhunt Divine Disco interior
The stunning neon vistas of this nighttime Prague set the perfect backdrop for a vampire battle royale.

Bloodhunt: PS5 release date

Accompanied by an all-new PlayStation trailer, Sharkmob has confirmed that PS5 players will be unleashed onto the bloodsoaked streets of Prague in 2021. Whether it will drop on PS4 is yet to be seen.

As 2021 hurtles towards a close, however, Game Director Craig Hubbard reassured fans in an interview with The Loadout that “the PS5 release is still on track for this year and we’ll have more to share about it soon.”

Additionally, the title has its own dedicated page on PlayStation’s website, where fans can add the title to their wishlist to make sure they get all the latest news.


Bloodhunt: XBOX release date

Despite the title coming to PlayStation later this year, there’s been no talk of whether or not we’ll see it release for XBOX One and Series X|S players.

Most PC games, however, do find themselves on the XBOX at some point, so while there’s nothing concrete, don’t lose hope! You’ll likely be able to slay your Kindred in no time.

Bloodhunt: PC release date

PC players can already live their vampiric fantasies by downloading the game via Steam. It’s free-to-play, and currently in its Early Access stage.

It’ll remain in Early Access (with some downtime on September 14) until the game officially releases, so players will be able to truly get a feel for the mechanics, gameplay and in-game strategies.


That’s everything we know about when Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt will be dropping on each major platform. We’ll make sure this page stays up to date with all of the latest information, so be sure to check back!