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When does Redfall come out? Gameplay, trailers, Arkane details

Published: 14/Jun/2021 20:08

by Bill Cooney


Redfall was an unexpected surprise revealed at the tail end of Xbox’s E3 2021 presentation, and Arkane Studio’s new shooter already has plenty of hype. Here, we’ve got all the info on characters, gameplay, a release date, and more.

Just when things seemed to be winding down during Xbox’s E3 show, Arkane Studios (Dishonored, PREY) released a new trailer for Redfall, a new PvE game where players take on hordes of cultists and vampires in what looks like a seriously good time.

While the trailer’s definitely entertaining, it also has a lot of info on what exactly will be in this new game when it releases next year, including a look at some of the characters, weapons, and various types of enemies.


Redfall E3 trailer

We see during the trailer a team of heroes, or characters first facing off with other human cultists, before taking on more powerful, though less numerous, vampires that have unique abilities all their own.

Also during the presentation, but not the trailer itself, we learned that Redfall will be a co-op game, but can also be played solo, if you want to take on the legions of the night all by yourself.

When it comes to co-op we would assume, based on the trailer, that you can have teams of up to four players, but whether or not teams of two and three will also be supported, is currently unknown.


Redfall E3 gameplay

Arkane Studios
Redfall and it’s unique characters are already generating a ton of interest.

No, we didn’t see an actual look at Redfall’s gameplay per se, but the cinematic trailer did give a good idea of what it will consist of in general. Each of the playable characters will have their own unique abilities, and possibly their own individual guns and weapons.

When it comes to firepower, you have your classic sniper rifle and assault rifle options, but seeing as this is a game where you slay vampires, we also saw things like a wooden stake launcher, and a sunlight/UV light generator.

Exactly how the game will play remains to be seen, but we do know it’ll be a PvE, so players will be taking on various enemy NPCs, instead of other people.


Redfall E3 release date

Arkane Studios
Redfall is set for a release in 2022.

We did not receive an exact release date from E3 2021 for Redfall, but we got the next best thing: a release window of Summer 2022 for Arkane’s bloody new co-op.

There’s sure to be plenty more updates between now and then, and we’ll be sure to bring you all the updates right here as the become available.