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Valorant trick reveals how you can easily boost teammates to high ground

Published: 8/Jan/2021 3:48

by Brad Norton


Boosting isn’t a proper feature in Valorant, though this surprisingly simple trick will ensure you get to the high ground with ease every time.

While the likes of Counter-Strike enabled players to boost on top of their teammates, the interaction has never played a major role in Valorant. Jumping on your allies’ heads will simply push you off to the side.

You’ll never peek a corner and see two players standing on top of each other in Riot’s tactical FPS. However, boosting can come in handy when trying to reach some innovative spots on a number of maps.


Rather than having to rely on a particular movement ability, there’s actually a simple way to reach the high ground through a new boosting trick. Here’s how it’s done.

Valorant gameplay
YouTube: Sovereign Guides
Any Agent can reach a number of high ground vantage points with this boosting trick.

“It almost seems like Riot intentionally cut boosting out of the game,” Valorant YouTuber ‘Sovereign Guides’ admitted. While the standard approach won’t work, they’ve figured out a new method that “works every single time.”

For this trick to work, you’re obviously going to need two players on the same page in the pre-round phase. One player needs to wedge themselves into a corner between a wall and a higher ledge. Next, turn and face that ledge you’re trying to boost up towards.


Meanwhile, the other player follows in a similar fashion. The Agent helping you reach the high ground needs to wedge themselves next to you and the ledge. 

Once again, they must aim at the ledge before crouching, holding down their ‘W’ key, and then a directional input – either ‘A’ or ‘D’ depending on which side the ally is on. If they are to your right, they will hold down the ‘A’ key as though they’re trying to walk into you.

While they have all three keys held down, it’s back to you to make this trick work. You’ll have to hold ‘W’ while looking at the ledge. Jump and then immediately hold down your crouch key until the ‘apex of your jump.’


Doing this just right will get you onto the high ground on your first attempt every time. It can take a few seconds to set up, but it’ll be the most consistent method of boosting teammates. 

There’s no questioning whether or not it’ll work or leave you in a rough spot as the next round begins. It’s a proven, consistent method.